Team Ingebrigtsen vs Team Cheruiyot – Impossible Games, Bislett

Soon press conference Therese Johaug is making a never-ending comeback on the runway when Bislett Games is scheduled for June 11. Here she will run 10,000 meters alone, according to what NRK knows. She is assisted by light as a speedometer, but the organizer has not yet confirmed the distance and the time Johaug aims to run.

Steinar Hoen says that Amalie Iuel will run 300 meters hurdles during the Bislett Games. Iuel has already chosen lane 8, which is her favorite course.

Amalie Iuel will run against Danish Sara Castle Petersen and Swiss Lea Sprunger, who are both European champions. Iuel, who himself hopes to set a Norwegian record, does not hide that it is a tough field. Because of the corona eruption, there will be one open path between the practitioners. Each track is 1.20 meters wide.

Therese Johaug will run 10,000 meters with the goal of meeting the World Cup requirement of 31.50. The requirement will not count since the World Cup has been postponed for one year, but then the cross-country queen will at least get tested where the list lies.

Therese Johaug points out that athletics has given her a great deal of motivation in everyday life, especially now that she is nearing the end of her cross-country career. - It was incredibly fun to get this invitation, says Johaug.

Therese Johaug opened too hard when she ran in Hamar last year, and now she is happy that she does not have to keep track of the clock. The lights will make sure she can run smoothly. "I'm not going to go on the same giant mistake I did in Hamar," says Johaug.

Therese Johaug was asked about the debate about Egeberg's Honorary Award, to which Johaug is nominated by the Norwegian Ski Association. The nomination has sparked debate because of Johaug's doping judgment. - I haven't decided on that award. There is a panel that will decide that. If I get the prize, I will be happy. If I don't get it, I still enjoy the cross country and running, says Therese Johaug.

The brothers Jakob, Henrik and Filip all run at Bislett on June 11.

Jakob, Henrik and Filip all run 2000 meters with Garve Gilje Nordås and Per Svela. They will also compete against the team of superstar Timothy Cheruiyot, who has run with four other Kenyans in advance. Thus, there will be a virtual competition between Ingebrigtsen and Cheruiyot.

Filip Ingebrigtsen will first run 1000 meters, where the goal is to beat Vebjørn Rodal's Norwegian record of 2.16.78, which was set in 1996. If the forces hold, Filip will put 2000 meters with the brothers. Otherwise, he will join as a hare.

Sondre Nordstad Moen, who has stayed in Kenya during the virus pandemic, will run 25,000 meters at Bislett. Along the way, he will try to set the north record of 20 kilometers and in one hour's run. At 25,000 meters, the European record is 1.13.57. Moen hopes to run at 1.13.45.

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