Fresh AIR has arrived at Richmond Park

Fresh AIR has arrived at Richmond Park
The team behind Richmond RUNFEST are pleased to announce a brand new running concept hitting the roads inside Richmond Park on the 31st May 2020.
AIR:RUN will be a 10k and Half Marathon on fully closed roads and will be heavily linked with music and entertainment. AIR:RUN will be encouraging runners to bring their headphones to the event as they also connect with nature including the 630 wild deer in London’s largest Royal Park!
AIR stands for AUDIO INSPIRED RUNNING and the event will be announcing a new running concept and more details will follow soon. In the mean time runners can expect music zones on route and entertainment that moves with them!
Race Director Tom Bedford says “AIR:RUN has come about very quickly so we are gutted we cannot share the full details of this running concept but trust me when I say it will be worth the wait. What we have released today is a great course inside London’s most beautiful Royal Park. It’s all about getting out in the fresh air, getting fit, having fun, pushing yourself… 
Running takes guts, determination, motivation, inspiration… that is why some many runners are mavericks at heart, including us!
So we wanted to break some rules and come up with a new event that will take running to a new level.
Now, most big runs ban participants from using headphones. It makes sense as they often share roads with all kinds of traffic. But we have Richmond Park to ourselves. No traffic. No danger. So we are going to push the boundaries and stand out compared with other running events out there.”
AIR:RUN is aiming to make a lot of noise in the mass participation market but in the sensitive natural environment of Richmond Park the music will all be in the technology. Runners will be encouraged to run to their own beat during the run and we are in talks with world-renowned scientists who specialise in performance enhancing music!
For runners who prefer the sound of their own footsteps, this event will offer them all the fun features of what happens down the road at the Richmond RUNFEST. In fact the runners favourite triangle medals will continue with AIR:RUN so runners can complete their ‘medal pie’ at this event.
Entries are now available at so sign up and join thousands of music loving runners around London’s largest Royal Park!


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