Double world record attempt at Copenhagen Half Marathon

It is said that Copenhagen is the place to run, if you want to set a new world record in the half marathon distance. When the race takes place on the 16th. of September the chase for a new world record is set for both men and women
”I am coming to Copenhagen to set a new world record,”.
This was clearly stated by 28-year old Kenyan Erick Kiptanui, who's participation in Copenhagen Half Marathon is confirmed. This statement could prove to be correct, as earlier this year he ran the distance in just 58.42, at the Berlin Half Marathon. His time was only 19 seconds from the current world record, and 2 seconds from the fastest time ever run in 7 years. This time was set at Copenhagen Half Marathon last year, where Abraham Cheroben won with the time 58.40 minutes. Cheroben will also be present on the 16th. of September and he too will be competing for the world record.
”In my opinion the Copenhagen Half Marathon is the place to run, if you want to run fast. I had an amazing race last. Year and I will be back again this year to reclaim the title,” says last years winner.
The world champion will be joining the race
The women's division will include among others the world champion Netsanet Gudeta, who also holds the the world record in the women's half marathon (only women) and even though she is a good candidate for a gold medal, she will have a fight to the finish from amongother competitor, Joan Melly, who came in second place at Copenhagen Half Marathon last year. Joan Melly expects to improve her placement and states that she will come to Copenhagen and set a new world record. If Melly or any other female runner to beat the record they will have to run the distance in under 64.51 minutes to set a new record in a mixed division.
The premises are in place
A world record is never guaranteed,everything has to come together, but with a route like the one in the Copenhagen Half Marathon and world class runners, who want to set a new world record, the premises are as good as they get.
“Copenhagen has one of the fastest routes in the world. It was seen back in 2014 at the IAAF World Half and the times run at previous Copenhagen Half Marathons. Copenhagen Half Marathon takes place on a great weekend, at the beginning of fall and just before most of the big fall marathons. With a broad elite division, lead by Cheroben and Kiptanui in the men's and Gudeta and Melly in the women's, these are the ingredients for a great race, weather allowing," says Geoff Weightman, the stadium commentator who, for instance, commentated during the World Championships in Athletics, London Marathon and Copenhagen Half Marathon.
The scene is set for an attack on the existing world records when Copenhagen Half Marathon takes place on the 16th of September this year.