Invited athletes of Lake Biwa Marathon

One of the prominent Japanese marathon races of the year, Lake Biwa Marathon organisation has invited many strong athletes for the 73rd edition next 4ht March.

Aberda Kuma from Ethiopia (2:05:56) capable to run under 27' on 10.000m, he is the men to beat who will try to make a new Course record, with him there will be Ezekiel Chebii from Kenya (2:06:07) and a sub60' runner in half-marathon (59:05 in 2012), the European Half-Marathon 2016 Champion Tadesse Abraham (2:06:40) and the European Marathon Champion Daniele Meucci (2:10:56) 5th place at the World Championship last summer.
Pretty interesting will be the debut of Jake Robertson in marathon (60:01 in half-marathon) and the kenyan Macharia Ndiragu (60:30 in half-marathon)
From Japan Satoru Sasaki (2:08:56) who finished 12th in Fukuoka Marathon on december, Takuya Noguchi (2:08:59), Takuya Fukastu (2:09:31) who finished 10th in Fukuoka Marathon.
The pacemakers are Marius Kipserem (2:06:11) and Allan Kiprono (2:09:38) from kenya and the ethiopian Abiyote Abinet.

(infos thanks to Ken Nakamura)