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The marathon for connected runners #parismarathon

Press release - 11 December 2015


Key points :
- Launch of the connected Marathon on 11 December 2015
- 57,000 entries for the 40th edition of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris
- A connected platform, free of charge on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Available on the Apple Store and Google Play
- Click here for the official teaser
On the occasion of the 40th edition of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris that will be held on 3 April 2016, today A.S.O. launches its new official mobile application. This unique application will transport the competitors into an unprecedented era, that of the connected Marathon.

The marathoners form an eclectic community spread out around the world. But they share one thing in common: 95% of them have used at least one connected device during practice*. Hence the idea to connect the runners to each other during the entirety of their preparation for this legendary marathon.

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris app is free and exclusively available to the 57,000 runners. It is also complementary to those apps already used by the runners.

In four clicks, users can link the two applications. The useful data to follow (distance, time and speed) then automatically synchronizes.

The application is compatible with the majority of existing tracking apps. It can be found on all types of devices (smartphone, tablet, computer) and can also be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

This easy-to-use app also connects marathoners to each other, wherever they are, enabling them to motivate each other and compare their performances.

For a runner, this is an unprecedented occasion to know where they stand in their training programme compared to others. And as everyone doesn't fit the same profile and doesn't have the same objectives, a filter allows the runners to select the results of those who share their time objective, age, sex or country of residence.

It is also possible to check the training details of a friend of family member by entering their name.

To boost the motivation of each person, the application proposes fun and achievable challenges for everyone: run for 45 minutes, 15 kilometres or before 8 in the morning.

The names of those challenges ("Quais de Seine", "Champs-Elysées" and "Bastille") put the spotlight on Paris and provide some information about the city's best sights.

Some challenges will also reward participants with gift prizes offered by our partners Schneider Electric, Asics and TAG Heuer.

The application will be available up until the day before the race. Following an update, it will become the live tracking app and it will allow friends and family to follow the progress of their runner on the course. From training to the finish line it will meet its two initial objectives: support and encourage!


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