Last Sunday in Marugame (Japan) he did one of the most amazing and fast debuts on halfmarathon in the history...he ran 59.47 at the first time on distance showing everyone another time his growing talent...i am speaking about ZANE ROBERTSON from NEW ZEALAND..

His final kick was something fantastic and no problem he has lost by kenian Kuria (in video below the highlights of the race )

Here below my interview to Zane Robertson did today at the phone:

Q: You must have known you were fit going in. What were your plans before the start of the race? Were you looking for 60:00 or better?  A: I came into this race with great confidence with my shape as from October last year I was ready for a sub 60 performance. The group I train with in Ethiopia really bred my strength and confidence as I could finish workouts with them.... Last years and this year's Dubai marathon winner's Haliu lemi birhanu and Assefa tseygey mekonin and the bronze medallist from the half marathon champs Gueye Adola 59.06.  To be honest training is different to racing and I was very nervous because I was stepping to the unknown at the same time I didn't want to let down myself, my group after all that work. Q: Can you take me through the race, how it played out?  A: I found myself feeling great and the kms just were ticking by until the 8th km where Bernard Koech dropped a 2.40 flat I was shocked to see on my watch the split for the km and realise that it didn't affect me. Coming through halfway I started to grow in confidence as I was still not tiring. I pushed at the front next to Koech and said in Swahili let's go man sub 60 is possible. After 13km real surges of speed had started to be thrown in and Benjamin Ngandu was the first to slip off at 16km shortly followed by Koech. 3km I was dropped by a surge and really pushed hard to get back to Paul kuira with 2k to go. We ran side by side the remainder until entering the stadium where I saw the clock and realising that the CR was possible, adrenaline hit me all at once, but I started to tie up 40m to go and Kuira took the opportunity to slip past me in my final 2 strides. Honestly I probably will have nightmares about the finish but this kind of thing is there to make me stronger again. My complete happiness and joy of achieving what I expected of myself for awhile words really can't describe. I'm not settling on this performance it's just the beginning of things to come. I have my 2 feet on the ground and still focused and driven.

Q: u told me this is only the beginning...what next goal?track season to improve ur pb on 5k and 10k?and then focused on world champs.

A: My next goals are: I want to focus on major time improvements in the 1500-Mile -5000m and later this year debut in the 10,000m. To smash new Zealand records and all expectations. Just like the half marathon I have a good feeling about the event 10,000m and if all plays out well challenge for the gold medal in Bejing. I know it's hard to say that about an event I've never run but I believe in myself because if I doubt myself I've already lost.

Q: u live so much time of the year btw Ethiopia and Kenya...what u learn from this way of life?what changed in yuor training-plan?

A: What I have learned from living and survival in Kenya and Ethiopia. How powerful the mind can be! When the body is tired in hard training only the mind will save you! In the beginning when hope was scarce and hardship was all around us. My mind kept me going. I've learned from the training sessions and environment how to read my body and know what it need and when it needs it.
I figured out that strength training in Ethiopia at Demadonna Camp with a group of marathoners works really well and track preparation in Kenya works perfectly for me!. Finding the right balance has taken awhile. however I still make errors and I'll never stop learning. If I survived what I've gone through here in the early days the mind is now very strong.

He added something more directly from his voice in two parts:

Who is Zane Robertson?

Here u can read his bio on ALLATHLETICS and on IAAF sites

We knew him last year in Commonwealth Games when he caught bronze medal in 5000m as we can see below here:

without forgetting this about him...

Concluding... would like to link u this great interview did earlier by LETSRUN.COM to him...absolutely interesting to discover him more deeply.