Last May she was back in competition with the gold in Ottawa10k in Canada in 31:22 after motherhood of his second child Samantha.This sunday Mary Keitany will be back in GreatNorthRun in Newcastle on halfmarathon where she was World record holder in 65:50 in RasAlKhaimah in February 2011 before the impressive 65:12 of Florence Kiplagat last February in Barcelona (Spain).
Thanks to her coach Gabriele Nicola and her manager Gianni DeMadonna,i spoke with her after a train session in Iten while rains-season still not finished and problems to organize massive workouts.
Mary looked relaxed and focused on racing confirming a good shape by her same words:"I feel good now.My shape is better than first months after motherhood and before my new debut in Ottawa.Probably this depends by very important workouts did in last month that gave me interesting results sometimes similar and sometimes better than spring 2012 so i am enough confident in myself now."
Gabriele Nicola told me "Rebuilding of her athletc-engine is now completed,she is training totally as top-athlete in last two months and GreatNorthRun is so important to understand really if her engine is absolutely on the right way and if correct to go on 42k still this season or to be postponed in spring 2015.A talent as Mary can't go in marathon if not ready to be as the her top level.
GreatNorthRun will be an incredible duel between Mary Keitany,Tirunesh Dibaba and Edna Kiplagat..a cast simply stellar for Newcastle's halfmarathon,so it's intersting to ask her how she feels running against such great champs.
"I am really excited and honoured to can compete with Edna and Tirunesh,it will be a race for sure spectacular and i hope to feel really ok to give my best.Would love a hard competition since beginning otherwise will be difficult against Tirunesh at the sprint and also Edna is not slow on last km of long race.Thinking about Newscastle i feel very relaxed because i will searching no particular goals but first of all except to understand how my body will answer to a fast pace for 21k as certainly Newcastle will give us."
From a champ as Mary Keitany we would like also to know something about her future in next few years and Gabriele Nicola was so clear explaining their position:"Thinking now about Bejing or Rio is too early at this moment but she can't forget her disappointment after missing London moment.Her training-philosopy is always the same as before motherhood but she is conscious that to be again n.1 in world as before 2012,she must give something more from her training because other girls as Priscah Jeptoo and Rita Jeptoo in last years are reallly grown up."
The competitive return of Mary Keitany is personally one of the arguments will for sure theme of discussion in these days till GreatNorthRun and in this chat with her and her coach,i saw her very focused on her coming-back showing also to be hungry of success again.