lunedì 8 settembre 2014



I was in Newcastle this weekend for GreatNorth weekend and experience was absolutely fantastic.
Saturday arriving in city,i saw something unbelievable on the side with so many people assisting to street-athletics..a real emotion to see great stars competing with a crowd of people cheering to them very close! OFFICIAL REPORT and COMPLETE RESULTS OF GREATNORTHCITYGAMES


MEN'S MILE  WOMEN'S MILE  WOMEN'S 500m  MEN'S 150m  WOMEN'S 100m hurdles

MEN'S 110h


Thanks to racedirection,sunday i was on press-truck for women race to follow the race and experience was simply amazing for what i see as sport culture..still surprised positively.

It was amazing to see the impressive start with a tremendous organization careful to everything.
But it was the moment of the race so ready for presentation of top athlete few minutes before going.

A quite slow start for girls who went out in 15'55 at first 5k before Mary Keitany started to push in a tremendous way.
15'21" btw 5k and 10k for 31'16 and 46'38 at 15k for another impressive 15'22 as split on 5k.Slower last 5k for her in 15'48 but to understand last two miles quite windy for the flying kenyan.

Finish line was fantastic for me to see so many people waiting for the race so early before ready to supporting everyone coming

I have no photo of men of course but it is told me another exciting race where Mo Farah gave another show of his talent and went away with his training partner Mike Kigen before beating him in a close sprint last 200m 




LONG HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO  show a real exciting race both men and women.Mo Farah did the fastest british time by winning the most important road race in UK.