Speaking about 1500m of yesterday in MonacoDL is personally speaking about history in our sport.What happened in Montecarlo was something unbelievable with 7 people under 3:30 in a real magnificent race.

Making some considerations on results Silas Kiplagat did the fourth ever fastest time in the story of distance but also Diamond League Record and his personal.
3.28:45 was the season-time for Asbel Kiprop but what surprised me is the third place of junior Ronald Kwemoi at first european season who did World Junior Record in a tremendous 3.28:81.
Gibutian Souleiman ran PB and NR... moroccan Iguider PB...ethiopian Wote NR...kiwi WIllis ran PB NR and AR for a big surprise as we will see in interviews..Leo Manzano and Matt Centrowitz PB and Ingebrigtsen ran an excellent NR and PB in 3:31.46 who gave him as favourite in Zurich.
So seven athletes ran under 3:30 and nine athletes ran their Pb on distances...what else for probably the fastest race in history


But where race didn't reach the goal of WR attempt??

Race was asked 2:30 at 1100m and  2:45 at 1200m but something went wrong and race went through 1100m in 2:33 (manual ) and 2:47.49 (official at 1200m ).

Last year Asbel Kiprop ran through 400m in 52.95 while this year 54.08 . At 800m last year 1:50.40 while 1:50.84 .At 1200m 2:45.91 last year and 2:47.49 this year.

Silas Kiplagat built his success in last lap where he ran 54.41 enough to run 8/100 faster than last year even if beginning paces were slower.

Very interesting to note also race of Kiplagat between 800m and 1000m ...there was a gap and he closed it personally so good.

Probably this was an historic race and THIS LINK showed us how list of fastest times for each positions in top ten was rewritten yesterday..