Lawi Lalang is the winner of the revenge...the magnificent battle of 5k men at NCAA nationals.He won a superb race after leading personally a good part of the race. This race was a great show where Lawi Lalang and Edward Cheserek gave us an incredible show with a fantastic last lap where everyone gave their best to won the title...a so important title.

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In his first interview Lawi speaks clearly about the race and explains very well what is his mind.

But,in two parts,he explained to my blog again his tought confirming another time the race went as planned..


The good shape of Lawi Lalang can be seen also reading leading positions every laps:

Last lap ran in 56:74!!! absolutely impressive from these guys both ready to an big career..

Of course it's interesting also to see the top positions with every splits lap by lap for all the athletes in race:

5'14"33 it's the time for Lalang to run last 2k...and 2'00"32 last 800m ...

If u are interested to read a very good analysis of race...don't forget to read LETSRUN.COM