It was announced as a fast 3k in this season and nothing changed as the prewieved.
World Leading of Caleb Ndiku was a good way of tactic...at the begininning u can see him following the pacers almost alone and running two last laps very fast to increase her gap on the group.

Cornelius Ndiwa ran 2:31.32 in first k while Vincent Rono ran 5:04.37 in second km....maybe a little bit slow...

that mean Caleb Ndiku has ran 2'27 in last km!! with a manual 59" in last 400m

Watching again the race: what impressed me was the last km of Ndiku...where he was able to improve a lot his advantage on rest of group!!!

Behind him the name of Yomif Kejelcha (Eth) ..BORN 1997...who clocked  7:36.28 ! He ran second all time youth on distance behind 7:32.37 of other ethiopian Abreham Cherkos.Kejelcha ran also WJL,20th time junior all time on distance,
Personally i am surprised a time more about the highest level of Bernard Lagat everytime: 7:38.30 in the year for 40s !!No more words for this running legend!!

Dont' forget Yomif Kejelcha has won world youth champs in Ukraine on 3000m... so probably a rising star.

So many SB and an good number of PB gave us idea of what a race very well built!