-Could be beaten both courserecords??

This is the first question for incoming TokyoMarathon...this is the goal after press-conference!! A light wind and quite cold temperature around 5-6 C° could give some problems to athletes.Course records are of Dennis Kimetto (Ken) in men winner in 2h06:50 last year while 2h25:28 is the record in women by Atsede Habtamu (Eth).
From fantastic statistics of Ken Nakamura (my public thanks for let me use them ) we can know something about Michael Kipyego who could become the first winner of Tokyo twice...and also if possible to run the fastest marathon in February.If weather will help guys,in men personally i think possible doing courserecord and fastest time in February..
What kind of race can born it's too early to speak...tomorrow i can know more and update this post.
In women course record is concrete possible with the girls in roster but difficult due to weather look to japanese all comers signed around 2h21.

#tokyomarathon 2014 statistics  (courtesy of Ken Nakamura)

-Men Race...Abel Kirui will be back??

Tokyomarathon will be the coming back of Abel Kirui (Ken) after an injury who let him out last year.For double world champ,Tokyo will be the first marathon and the beginning of something new.Difficult to hoping times important but it is important he will take again condifence to distance before thinking something bigger in second part of season.Against him we will see some interesting guys as Tadesse Tola (Eth) with his best of 2h04:49 bronze last year in a fast edition of DubaiMarathon.
Michael Kipyego can be one of the favourite being second last year in 2h06:58 and first in 2012 in 2h07:37,for sure he will try to do the race.
Sammy Kitwara,Deressa Chimsa and Dickson Chumba are all guys under 2h06 and able for a very solid race in Tokyo.
Peter Some and Geoffrey Kipsang will be the guys to look more seriously. Peter Some really impressed me last year when he won ParisMarathon in 2h05:38 with an incredible kick of 8:32 around 32km if i remember correct.... so i am really curious to see him in a new marathon..
Geoffrey Kipsang is an incredible talent and waiting for his success... twice bronze in BerlinMarathon under 2h06:30 in last two years.... probably he is now ready to the big jump and finally winning a marathon-major!!..

-Women... a solo of Lucy Kabuu??

It can be easy to preview this kind of solution by an athlete who did 2h19:34 at the debut on marathon in Dubai and able to win last year RAK in 66:09 but i think against her Tirfi Tsegaye Beyene could be a great contender.
Ethiopian won Paris in 2012 and second in Berlin in same year with a tremendous double under 2h22 and i think she can create some problems to strong kenyan.
Probably the name of winner will come out of this two talented girls who looked a step over the rest of the field.
Two names will add to the top... Atsede Baysa and Caroline Rotich...last one spoke in very well shape by common friends...

Curious now to read ur opinion as comment and which could be your favourite for race...