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Just two weeks ago , the Wilson Kipsang huge career in Berlin Marathon , spurred by a fantastic Eliud Kipchoge ( 2h04 : 05) , forced us to review a new world record ( 2h03 : 23 ) which exceeded that set by fellow Kenyan Patrick Makau in the same path of the German capital in 2011 ( 2h03 : 38 ) .
The asphalt living a moment of glory , and the organization of the Chicago Marathon after last year's mark of Ethiopian Tsegaye Kebede ( 2h04 : 38 ) , again bet heavily on a career very fast (ten hares through the streets of the city American ) , and great roster that included five men marathoners sub 2h06 ( Moses Mosop 2h03 : 06; Dennis Kimetto 2h04 : 16; Ayele Abshero 2h04 : 23; Emmanuel Mutai 2h04 : 40 , and Sammy Kitwara 2h05 : 54 ) and three of the five fastest men in history half marathon ( Zersenay Tadese 58:23 , 58:47 and 58:48 Tsegay Atsedu the aforementioned Sammy Kitwara ) .
Despite going without hares from just over 25 kilometers , the leading group composed mainly of Kimetto and Mutai , brave at all times (especially a large Kimetto transmitting much force ) , complemented by exceptional Kitwara , and Abshero and Mosop who were staying in the final kilometers , the Chicago race was so fast that ended with two men under 2h04 ( Kimetto 2h03 : 45 and 2h03 Emmanuel Mutai : 52 ) , and Sammy Kitwara third in 2h05 : 16 , beating his best brand.
Wilson Kipsang , in Berlin , finished in 2h03 : 23. Dennis Kimetto , in Chicago , 22 seconds slower, in 2h03 : 45 . But two runs came in the same time at mile 37 . Comparing Kipsang race Kimetto in Berlin and Chicago , we serve two fundamental things . On one hand, we can return to review the great record and put it back Kipsang demonstrated its fantastic finish . On the other hand , will serve us to pay attention you deserve to carrerón we experienced on Sunday in Chicago .
Graphically , through the times of passage for every five kilometers , we can see how Kimetto Chicago ran like clockwork, always very close , call , optimal pace of 14:35 per 5km ( pace of 2:55 min / km ) . Its graph is very flat , more even than Kipsang , if it is true that running at rates closer to the optimum line ( which almost did not get to cut ) , the difference is that in Chicago Berlin could not match the great Kipsang final , and ran four seconds slower in the final quarter , and above all, 16 seconds slower the last 2195 meters , where the exhibition of Wilson Kipsang do see that if someone wants to beat his record coming in their own time to kilometer 35 , will have to run a lot, and faster than he did in the end . It seems a very complicated today .

Comparative graph of partial Kipsang 5km (Berlin 2h03: 23) and Kimetto (Chicago 2h03: 45)

As mentioned earlier, one of the main differences between the two races, lies in the wonderful end of Kipsang, and its tremendous final quarter (16 seconds faster than Kimetto in just 2195 meters):

Time of Kipsang in 2.195m in Berlin and in Chicago by Kimetto:

Finally, as we advanced above, Kipsang and Kimetto came practically equal to kilometer 35 , with only two seconds apart in the race for Berlin. In Chicago she pressed a little more, and miles 36 and 37 were run both in 2:51 ( the two fastest race Kimetto ) , which made equality between the two marathons at kilometer 37 were high , even a second advantage to Kimetto in Chicago . But from there, it was impossible to continue the acceleration that had Kipsang in Berlin . Kimetto back to run the mile 38 in 3:04 ( the slowest part of the day, and accusing the previous effort ) , and although it may keep the exchange in the two following kilometers ( always over Berlin ) , the impressive 2195 meters of Kipsang and were too Kimetto and Emmanuel Mutai , who nevertheless , after giving us another fantastic autumn morning marathon , finished in 2h03 : 45 and 2h03 : 52 respectively , ascending to positions three and four of world historical ranking , only outweighed by the last two world records ( Kipsang and 2h03 : 23; Makau and 2h03 : 38 ) and Kipsang own already ran 2h03 : 42 in Frankfurt 2011 ( always taking into account only the IAAF ranking races , ie excluding hilly races like Boston ) .

Table comparing Kipsang in Berlin and Kimetto in Chicago from 35k to the end:

In any case, the reflection that emerges from the comparison of the two amazing races we have seen in just two weeks, lies in the fact that to beat the record of Wilson Kipsang, may not be enough to reach the same time at kilometer 35 (even 37 or 40), since its 2195 meters were extraordinary. Dennis Kimetto, and other big marathon today, may have the solution to this clock rate, very close to exact 2:55 per mile which would lead to a mark approximately 2h03: 00, where the future lies probably the marathon on a short and medium term.
The marathon live a great moment of form and at such a show we just sit in front of the TV and enjoy each race.

Dennis Kimetto official intermediate times in Chicago Marathon 2013 (2h03: 45):

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