Tomorrow BerlinMarathon !!!!

At 8.45am CET will start this 42k of WorldMarathonMajors circuit and could be the right day for something unbelievable.It is spoken an attempt to WR!!!..

In 2012 finished in this way with this amazing recap by dr.Sean Harnett:

Tomorrow at 8.45amCET  (BROADCASTED LIVE BY EUROSPORT ) Wilson Kipsang will lead the race as favourite but against him other strong contenders as Geoffrey Kipsang and Eliud Kipchoge on this course very flat and fast:

61'45 is the requested pace at halfmarathon in men with Wilson Kipsang helped by his training mate Edwin Kiptoo.Interesting is to read the pacers of race....fast times are expected....

The second part of this photo can let u understand who should be the pacers for each groups and also for women.

You are looking race at TV or along the street?!?.Here a short guide how to recognize to elite runners invited:

To read every details about BerlinMarathon give a look to official mediaguide of event:

For lovers of statistics please don't forget the fantastic job realized by Ken Nakamura who i public thank him for let me publish his file:

As already told,race will be broadcasted live by EUROSPORT ..
Some unofficial livestreamings can be found down here:
(from 8.45 am CET till 11.30am CET)..




Some considerations of Coach Canova about WR-marathon could be broken tomorrow:
(copied from Letsrun.com forum with autorize by Renato Canova )

" I like to think Wilson can better the WR. However, also if he's one of the most serious and professional runners in the last 4 years, for what I know my real thought is a time a little higher than 2:04.

The winter of Wilson was not like the previous year, in part for the very bad weather in Kenya (and this affected the performances of all Kenyan athletes, with the only ecception of Prisca Jeptoo, who accepted to train on tarmac during the longest rain season of the last 20 years, while the other athletes prefer in any case to train in the mud), in part because he was more busy with his new hotel.

In my opinion, the current WR is not something very hard to better, with perfect conditions and top athletes in full shape. When Patrick Makau ran in 2011 in 2:03:38, his first goal was to beat Gebrselassie, and for that reason he ran 2 km between 26 and 28 under 5:30. This means that, with a "perfect" distribution having in his mind the WR only, Patrick could run very close 2:03:00, and Geoffrey Mutai edition 2011, in a race with perfect weather like Berlin 2011 (or Dubai 2012-2013), about 2:02:30, since in my personal opinion Geoffrey in 2011 was the strongest marathon runner all time, with Moses Mosop very close as value.

The fact is that, after 2011, all these athletes increased their training for trying to win Olympics, and for a Kenyan before winning Olympics they had to be at 110% of the previous shape in order to be selected.....

Last winter I could see every day the hard training, sometimes in very bad conditions, of Wilson, Moses, Abel Kirui (all with me), and I knew what Geoffrey was doing, and also Patrick, from other runners.

They started to have injuries and physical problems : Patrick had a knee problem and dropped out in London, Geoffrey lost more than one month of training in May (I met him some times under the hands of the physio in Iten, so I knew his problem was not completely ok when he ran Boston, and he dropped out), Moses was sick in the last two weeks before Rotterdam, Abel had helicobacter in the stomach, and the only one without problems was a wonderful Wilson Kipsang, who paid before Olympics.

My doubt is that these athletes can stay at 100% for no longer than 2 years only. After this, they can stay at 98% of their peak for 3-5 years yet, if are professional.

But for bettering a record, 98% may be not enough....  "

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