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Dear Alberto,
You asked me to speak about the unbelievable race of 1500m other day in #MonacoDL and i was surprised by race of Mo Farah who i predicted around 3.30-3.31 .
Mo was absolutely improved in his running-technique more efficient now thank also to a specific job done with Alberto Salazar for this thing.Alberto created an incredible equipe group taking care of every details helped also by specific experts in single arguments.Particullary Mo Farah has increased specific workouts for base-speed without losing anything for long-distance resistance.On 1500 of #MonacoDL the british runner ran in my opinion the last 300m faster than everyone:check video,he was so back at 1200 and able to finish so close the other guys.Mo Farah at the moment is the right mix of speed and resistance.

I read so much in these days about him online and it could be nice to add also my opinion.Someone are speaking which could be the right tactic to beat him:to be honest YOU HAVE TO WAIT HE WILL BECOME OLD.. the only one solution in my opinion! In Moscow on 5000m Alamirew should be his stronger contender for me but quite no chances against Mo.Instead in 10000m i saw Gebremeskel as best contender and some few chances more for him:quite surely he will not wait to the end and probably he will push 2 chilometers fast in the middle.
At the moment i saw Mo Farah a step ahead everyone:on track,for 5k and 10k,nobody is faster than him on 1500,nobody is faster than him on last lap and nobody has similar resistance being able to run a half in 60'.
Someone speaks also about possible WR-attempt for him on 3000:i don't think possible.Neither Haile (Gebresilassie) nor Hicham (ElGuerrouj) did it but he can for sure run in 7.24-7.25 attempting so both EuropeanRecord (7:26.62 of Mohammed Mourhit ) and National Record (7:32.79 of Dave Moorcroft).
Running 7.20 needs also pacers to do this and difficult to find someone able to pace Mo at 2k in 4.52.
He can be able to run 12.40-12.42 in 5k but record easier to reach is 10k creating the right race with right pacers for 7km..

Let me say something about Asbel Kiprop who ran the perfect race.He wanted the time and he clocked it.
First time after some years we saw a real correct pacing with two guys (Andrew Rotich and James Magut) who did an excellent job correctly with right paces lap by lap.Asbel was able to finish last lap under 55" showing a very great personality.He increased the aerobic workouts and work on high intensity for distance running.

Finally i am really happy for Caleb Ndiku,athlete i train who works also on base-speed and no fear to run fast but long.Still very young guy (born 1992 ) but very promising on 5000m where his work is now focused.

Thanks very much.


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Dear Alberto, Personally i started to think to idea to beat WR of halfmarathon at beginning of December,but i spoke about it with Florence only when she came back to Kenya after winning New Delhi HalfMarathon last 15th December.When i asked her if race was hard,she answered me to have controlled till last 3km and to have won easily.So i started to put in her mind idea to try WR in February in a half without highpressure (as RAK for example) keeping so high concetration on quality trainings and putting inside also some crosscountry races(she never ran a cross since her victory in worldchamps 2009 ) such as Eldoret Xc and Police Champs to be focused more con competitions. In last period,the road to Barcellona is went through this quality training-workouts: Tuesday 21st January: 30 km in Moiben (15 going + 15 back) in 1:45:46  (medium speed  3’31”5) Saturday 25th January: 10 x 400m in 1’09” (recover 1’) + 10 x 200 in 32”5 (rec. 1’) + 5 x 400 in 67” (rec. 1’) + 10 x 200 in 31”5 (rec. 1’) with …

Five Past Champions Including World Record-Holders Headline 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Elite Field

August 23, 2016
Reporters May Contact:
Alex Sawyer, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 1.312.992.6618

Diane Wagner, Bank of America, 1.312.992.2370
diane.wagner@bankofamerica.comFive Past Champions Including World Record-Holders Headline
2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Elite Field

Dickson Chumba, Dennis Kimetto and Tsegaye Kebede Lead the Men's Field;
Florence Kiplagat and Atsede Baysa Highlight the Women's Field
CHICAGO - Today, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon announced that current marathon world record-holder and 2013 Chicago Marathon champion and course record-holder Dennis Kimetto (KEN) and half-marathon world record-holder and 2015 Chicago Marathon champion Florence Kiplagat (KEN) will return to compete for the crown at the 39th annual event.

Kimetto and Kiplagat stand out in an historic field that includes five past champions - the most returning champions to toe the line in the same race in event history, setting the stage f…