Given that the race takes place about a month after the World Championships, I think it will be hard for Mo against Bekele who, not competing in Moscow, is already in full training for his transfer to the marathon.

From this duel forget Haile, which in my opinion was the greatest of all time, but now competes for fun and more..than to get top results. I believe Haile can run around 60:30, but does not have more his famous final kick to challenge Mo and Kenenisa.

If the race was in a period far from the Worlds, I would not hesitate to bet on Farah. But, after the World Champs, however they go, his training will not be finalized. Whether he will win both competitions as in London, whether he will win one only, whether he will lose (and it would be a big surprise), the next 15 days will be devoted to the media, and the concentration will go to hell. Therefore, great reduction of the workout, and emptying nervous energy.

So, for today, I would say Bekele - Farah - Haile in this order.

But there's still so much time .......