Caused by new Pope,RomeMarathon tomorrow will be broadcasted not live but from 10.30AM CET till 1.30pm CET in Italy by LA7 with the streaming maybe HERE but not confirmed by now..

HERE i have published startinglist of professional field of RomeMarathon

To see leaderboard and liveresults for all the runners at the start..not only the professionals!!...please click HERE
some instructions to understand better italian..

Race will start at 9.30am CET and it will appear on left a menu called "CLASSIFICA ONLINE" click there and in the page  will open u will see in few clicks what u need..
Where written "CONTROLLO" change from ARRIVO (finishline) till what u need...probably every 5k or 10k and liveresults will appear.
Where written "SESSO" .. TUTTI for overall results.... MASCHILE for only men...FEMMINILE for only women..
If u have a friend inside write the surname or the bib number in the middle where written COGNOME O PETTORALE.. and u will find the time in the intermediate u have selected...clicking then on the surname u will see every intermediate for your friend..

hope this post can help you!!