Last year Martin Lel had not finished DubaiMarathon when Abshero won under 2h04'23.A problem stopped his run some kilometers.
In London,in april,he run a solid race against some incredible athletes and this friday in Dubai he will try his revenge about last year.
Personally my best will be Martin Lel and of sure this year could be his moment in Dubai to do his best.
I think Martin wants really to do the race because,reading startinglist,u can find two pacers as Kiyeng and Kurgat who are from the same management and maybe also training-partners!Speaking about time it's difficult but the course is well known and very fast...so easy to wait something very interesting!!
MARTIN LEL will find against him MOSES MOSOP as one of the best contenders...another amazing talent.His marathon deubt two years ago in that fantastic edition of BostonMarathon when he clocked 2h03'06 behind Geoffrey Mutai.
In 2012 he run 2h05'03 in Rotterdam and 2h05'37 in Chicago last october losing Olympics due to usual problems to tendons.Caused by these problems still difficult to him to find the right shape for a marathon where he could tell so much and run impressive paces..
Ethiopians were the real surprise last year being so concretated for a fast time of qualification to Olympics and also this year they must not be forget.Yemane Adhane i think as one of the top with Rotterdam triumph in 2h04'48 and other many good results.
Many other athletes from Addis Abeba but i am focused on some important debuts as Lelisa Desisa (59'30 on half) told me in great shape from my ethiopian friends,Mike Kigen (60'18 in GreatNorthRun),Bernard Koech (Ken) and Nicholas KipKemboi (Ken)who i have seen live as winner in SevenHillsLoop in Nijmegen(Hol) last november and i was absolutely impressed by him.

RACE STARTTIME: 7am local, 4am CET,3am GMT,10pm ET (thursday evening), 7pm PT (thursday evening)

LIVESTREAMING: HERE u will find official livestreaming of the race!!

RADIO STREAMING: it is announced HERE

Speaking about women,probably in the photo above,you will have the two big favourites in my opinion.
Women race with 5 women under 2h25 and 3 under 2h23'.
Speaking about Tirfi Beyene and Koren Yal will mean more for the race and don't forget Mamitu Daska appeared in good shape recently.TIRFI BEYENE after second in Berlin and her new PB appears a great athlete and possible to wait from her another impressive time.
KOREN YAL is waited to be back at her best results of 2011 when in Toronto ran under 2h23 ...and in Dubai could be the right day!!
As told before,don't forget to MAMITU DASKA who run under 70' in a rainy Houston recently and it could be meaning of right shape for DubaiMarathon.
so...absolutely an ethiopian affair..


Some rumors spoke about a men-race paced around 62' at half but still unconfirmed!!..since tomorrow i will update this post with more news also from press-conferences where my correspondents will be...
It is also rumored about a big news in men race...waiting for conferences of tomorrow to know more....

UPDATE (23/1/2013):

In this podcast recorded six days ago i announced about Mosop out of DubaiMarathon...now i can let it free...the absence of Lel being known only this morning...Read Above:updated also with livestreaming link!!!

Now waiting for technical meeting...