This early morning,for europe,it has been run famous International Chiba Ekiden in Japan.
very exciting follow this race by livestreaming...and a very great technical show.
Speaking about the race...i can't do better than the friends of JapanRunningNews...they have done a livecoverage absolutely amazing and i want to produce it complete!!
Read the tweets down here and it will look like to be still in race!!!
JAPANRUNNINGNEWS produced also a very interesting report...don't forget to read also it!!!

let's read official final results of the races and make some considerations about each legs..

International Chiba Ekiden 2012

Robertson brothers had run very fast being winners of both their legs.Zane run a 13'29 quite close to CR of course and Jake won in 28.40 an amazing middle 10k.
Kenya has to thank the women:Gladys Cherono run her 5k in 14'54 giving 28 sec to the second team,Priscah Jeptoo in 15'40 giving 30sec to japanese-team and Joyce Chepkirui run the last leg in 22'05 giving 21sec also her to japan.
Mosima far from his best condition taking in fifth leg more than one minute from Galen Rupp..American was in my opinion MVP with Priscah Jeptoo.Galen run very sure in a not easy leg and didn't fear about the rain.
Japan was a great suprise feeling very much running at home while USA run a solid competition with a good team where also Jacob Riley run very fast in his legs and Neely Spence took a easy third place being so far from the top..
well done guys!!