A great day for running today in Philadelphia for the "Rock'n Roll Half Marathon".It was predicted as a fast race so it happened.In men side duo Stanley Biwott-Paul Lonyangata took early the lead of the race and went away with paces of 14.03 at 5k and 28.07 at 10k. Intelligent race by Dathan Ritzenhein (USA) who started not so fast as the lead and,at the middle of the race was solid bronze to give him trust in his condition thinking to ChicagoMarathon.Podium not so fast as last year but anyway a very good competition with two young kenian talents and a positive race for the american.Stanley Biwott (Ken) won in 60.02 beating his training partner Paul Lonyangata (Ken) 60.42 and third Dathan Ritzenhein (Usa) in 60.56
Sharon Cherop,winner of last BostonMarathon,decided to push hard early and 15.42 at 5k and 31.47 at 10k demostrate this.She took the gold in a fantastic 67.20 in front of Mare Dibaba (Eth) second in 67.43 and third Jemina Jelagat (Ken) in 68.38:positive run for this one recently known more for other strange problems.
I contacted coach of Sharon Cherop who explained me something about today-race:" I am satisfied about the triumph but a bit surprised because her training is focused on NY and i was thinking about 68-68'10 and not better.Knowing NY-course,from the middle of July till the end of August,she was in Marakwet (2700m high) to do a particular training focused on uphilss more difficult!!We didn't pay attention to pace and once a long run of 40k almost only uphill finished at more than 3000m high.In two last weeks before Philadelphia she did 2/3 good workouts especially a long run of 30k run in 1h49'32 with last 15k run at 3'32" pace the gave me idea of a shape increasing but not to 67'20 with a lsta 5k in 15'54!!!She surprised me too!!
Now hope she will have a fast recovery after today-race and we can train for the last 50days before NY with the help of all DAP-staff.We would like to be competitive there even if an incredible cast"