A big weekend of road race is closing..
Let's make a global recap of what happened.
Yesterday the major event was Fifth Avenue Mile an incredible race on the main streets of New York with an amazing cast..

 Here the highlights of this race!!

 Men race with Bernard Lagat able to control all the race(always fantastic see him running) and when in last 100m he started to push,we clearly tought about a royal battle and the best was in last 50m an excellent Mathew Centrowitz who close to finishline very strong and won the race.Fanstatic season for this guy after a beginning injuried and now still in a great shape. Women the same kind of race with Jenny Simpson to lead the pack but in the last 100m the magic kick of Brenda Martinez,well put in the group for all the race,give her the triumph in the famous mile!!

Official results of Fifth Avenue Mile and IAAF report from the race.


As preview Udine HalfMarathon in Italy this morning is maybe the best technical result of the weekend.Cloudy but perfect weather conditions permit kenyans to run some impressive races.In men the big surprise was the winner.The unknown kenyan Robert Chemosin did a fantastic debut in halfmarathon in Europe.Started very strong with a pace of 28'29" at 10k  with already 17sec on the second,in the second half of race he run the same pace and the gap with the othere increases a lot reaching 1'18" to the second.
Robert Chemosin won race in 60'23" beating William Chebor Chebon second in 61'41 and third Joseph Lagat in 62'28".
12th time in the world this year for women-winner Georgina Rono able to close race in 67'58" with an halfway of 31'54.Second and very far the ethiopian Girma Ayale in 1h11'31 and third other ethiopian Hirut Gebremikaiel in 1h12'31.

Official Results of Udine HalfMarathon


Leonard Komon,WR holder of 10k and 15k,were waited in Dam to Damloop 10miles as the favourite  and he gave us a very great race.A race he won absolutely sure in 44'48" around 20 sec over WR on distance of Haile Gebresillasie.Around halfway Komon started to push and the good Daniel Chebii nothing could against him.
In women a battled race between Silvia Kibet,Bezunesh Bekele and Ester Chemtai and only in last 400m solved by and experienced Kibet able to run on track and able to prepare such exciting sprints where she won in 51.42 3 second better than ethiopian Bekele.

Top official results:

Top 5 Men
1. Leonard Komon, Kenya, 44,48 
2. Daniel Chebii, Kenya, 45,02
3. Abera Kuma, Etiopia, 45,28
4. Hillary Kipchumba, Kenya, 45,37
5. Timothy Kiptoo, Kenya, 46,10
Top 5 Women
1. Sylvia Kibet, Kenya, 51,42
2. Bezunesh Bekele, Etiopia, 51,45
3. Esther Chemtai, Kenya, 51,54
4. Hilda Kibet, Paesi Bassi, 52,45
5. Josephine Chepkoech, Kenya, 53,17