The day after this amazing and fantastic race is probably the moment to read newspapers and sport-websites..
First of all it's nice to see again the highlights for and incredible day of running:

First time i saw such a big event and,as italian,i am totally surprised about this kind of race perfect in every details.
It could be nice to see also some photos from english magazine THE TELEGRAPH.
Speaking about the race,the best report in my opinion is always IAAF which explain us how is gone the elite-race!!
English newspapers give a good coverage about the race such as TELEGRAPH,GUARDIAN , INDIPENDENT (an article built on english Pavey correctly) only to name the most important on UK.It is really impressive to see how this race was followed not only from majors newspapers but also from local ones...this is great to continue developing athletics through all people!!
Such a world race like this,it was impossible didn't see the coverage also on international newspapers... MALTA, from AFRICA and ASIA (STARAFRICA.COM ,SAUDI GAZETTE for example ).
Kenya needs specific links with some newspapers as NATION,STANDARD and CAPITALFM .
These two photos give another idea of the big event run yesterday in Newcastle:such important athletes give the start to the mass of 55000 and double olympic champion Mo Farah gives high-five to everyone starting their halfmarathon...really really impressed by this situation!!

Don't forget the BBC one of the most complete for me!!

Websites...my mention is to 2 particular reports  ATHLETICSWEEKLY and american RUNBLOGRUN with this last one busy with an interesting liveblog from the race live.
The famous magazine Runnersworld speaks about the race in his DEUTCH version.

Finally i found an exciting video with the recap of the race...absolutely to see!!

No words can explain better than the video above here what fantastic was the race and what amazing last miles in both race.
And Tirunesh Dibaba made her debut..why not read about her opinion after the RACE .. she is really a talent also on road and i am just waiting when will be her debut in marathon next spring...LondonMarathon??..why not