#GREATNORTHRUN...my report..

Yesterday a sunny day for track and today cloudy with rain after the midway but nothing could stop the mass of 55000 runners this morning in Newcastle.Elite women started as first and the attention was globally on Tirunesh DIbaba(Eth) debut in halfmarathon against Tiki Gelana(Eth) and Edna Kiplagat (Ken), This trio was able to stay in middle of the group for more then halfrace in a competition lead by Jo Pavey(Uk)  at the beginning (16.16 at 5k) and then from Jelena Procopkuca (Let) who pushed hard and made the natural selection.
In last 3mile an amazing duel between the africans with Kiplagat to increase the pace to outdistance the fastest ethiopians but,neither Gelana nor Dibaba will be out.
Last mile on sea it was really exciting with Kiplagat pushing hard but Dibaba always close to her till last 200m when Dibaba,as track runner,gave the last kick and went.Tirunesh Dibaba looked live very concentrated all the race saving forces for final battle and only near the end she showed how fast she can go also on road.Weather today didn't help her for the fastest debut on distance but in future she can do easily better.Tirunesh Dibaba(Eth) won GreatNorthRun in 67.35 beating Edna Kiplagat (Ken) second in 67.41 and bronze for Olympic Champion Tiki Gelana (Eth) in 67'48.
In men side an impressive start from the training-mates Micah Kogo,Emmanuel Bett and Mike Kigen  has selected naturally the race with the only Wilson Kipsang and Imane Merga able to keep the other kenyans.Ethiopian Merga,being conscious of his shape focused more on track was the more intelligent not following the others in second half and coming up from his pace:this tactic was the best for him to catch a bronze and a time under 60' at the debut.As in women,duel between Kogo and Kipsang becomes fantastic with many changes of pace til,also for them,last mile.
On the sea,Kogo in front and Kipsang behind with many scratches give us an exiciting battle where one push and the other respond till last 200m when Kogo,as a track runner,tried the last kick but only in few meter an excellent Wilson Kipsang overcome him.After a light injury after olympics and not full in training yet,a very good race by Kipsang,only 8 sec above his PB.Micah Kogo in second position very happy who declared to Emenews "Today was a great race, I thought I had won it but Wilson came back strong in the last few meters. We would have ran 20-30 seconds faster if it wasn't for the rain. Now I want to think about a spring marathon."
Happy Imane Merga for his debut:"Happy because went under hour without a focused trainin on half.Decided to let the others go at the beginning and comingup from my pace to don't kill me and that's the best decision accorded with my manager Gianni Demadonna before the start.I think well trained for distance i can run 58'50 next spring."
Wilson Kipsang(Ken) won GreatNorthrun 2012 in 59.06 overcoming one second Micah Kogo (Ken) 59.07 and third Imane Merga (Eth) 59.56.
Fourth place was Mike Kigen (Ken) 60.18 and fifth Emmanuel Bett (Ken) in 60.56 and remind about sixth place of Chris Thompson (Uk) able to cross the finish-line in an amazing 61.00 his new pb and third ever british time on distance.


Women last mile!!

Men last mile!!

EXCLUSIVE:short interview with Wilson Kipsang after the race:

-Happy about the time or hoping better?
Yes, I'm very happy with the time I made in Newcastle because the weather conditions were not really good during the race (windy and rain). And the course in Newcastle is not really easy!

-Difficult to beat Kogo??sprint in last meters was your tactic again a track-runner as Kogo?
It's not easy to beat Kogo in the sprint. But we didn't make any strategy before the race. I spoke with my manager and we decided to run my own race and see what's possible!

-u feel still tired after olympics or completely recovered?How was your legs during race??
Recovering after the Olympics went faster than I expected. The legs were feeling good dduring the race.

-i thought u could push more during the race...fear about weather,rain and other guys let u change tactic??speak a little about the race??...developes as u hoped??
I was curious what was possible after the Olympic marathon. But as told: recovering went better than I expected. So the race develop like I was hoping.

-so exiciting last mile against Kogo...u wait for him in final or u thought other guys in front??
No, I knew that I was together with Kogo in the final. I know he has a good sprint but I trusted on my own sprint and it was working