NEWCASTLE (UK): A superb edition in an incredible sunny day for GreatNorthCityGames built on the duel between Great Britain and USA on a track built in the beautiful city of Newcastle.
To open the timetable it is created a two mile invitational race won by double olympic champion Mo Farah (UK).Farah left pushing before young irish Paul Robinson and then Collins Birmingham (Aus) in good shape after 7'.37 winner on 3k last week in Rieti (Ita).Mo started to push hard in last 400m to be alone on finish line in 8.40.04. Bobby Curtis (USA) took second place in 8.42:08 after a tremendous sprint against Collins Birmingham (Aus) third in 8'43".0. An excellent race for Farah now tired after an amazing and very long season.It is always fantastic see how many people support him during his last races of the season...unbelievable!!
Jason Richardson (USA) won 110h men coming up after a good start of young Lawrence Clarke.Richardson took victory in 13.41 in front of other US Ryan Wilson 13.48 and Lawrence Clarke(Uk) in 13.57.Not a very good start by Jason but in second half able to relax,pushing hard and close the gap on young english:a name to don't forget next year in my opinion.
Very exciting was women mile with a very strong start by Jenny Simpson (Usa) who took immediately the lead till 3.30 of race and then saw the coming up of the Hannah England (Uk) who thought to good results in last 200m but didn't expect a incredible sprints by other girls.Like a surprise Brenda Martinez (Usa) won in 4.34:9 in front of Hannah England (Uk) in 4.35:56 and Anna Pierce (Usa) 4.36:44.
Us Jeneba Tarmoh took a solid victory in 100m in 11:18(+0,6m) in a race really dominated by her beating Miki Barber(Usa) in 11:37 and Aniyka Onuora (Uk) in 11:42.
Men Mile incredibly exciting too as women one.A very close duel between legend Bernard Lagat (Usa) and James Brewer (Uk) has gave life to an amazing race solved by Lagat only in last straight thanks to his big experience.Lagat won in 4.01:62 for the new record of the games in front of Brewer who clocked 4.01:81 and third Jordan McNamara in 4.02:86.Bernard Lagat declares exclusive to my blog "I'm quite happy with the win in the men's mile her at The Great North CityGames. I wanted to run fast and be able to defend... It wasn't an easy win as James Brewer and Jordan McNamara gave me a real challenge coming down the homestretch.

Two mile-races were my best today..really real races and very fast (Lagat new games record in men)..In women Jenny Simpson with her fast start let the race very interesting with the british obliged to close on her to don't lose at home but in this way helped a lot the strong kick of an 800m as Martinez in very good shape.Lagat was a legend and today his race was very intelligent:checked other guys till the middle and then pushed always more to arrive on last straight in front of everyone and give his winning kick.

Dwain Chambers(Uk) and James Dasaolu(Uk) made 1-2 in 100m with the first winner in 10:04 and the second took 10:15.Third Darvis Patton (Usa) in 10:16.
16:70 is the very good time for Aniyka Onuora (Uk) able to repeat and win 150m few minutes after 100m beating Shaila Mahan (Usa) in 16:99 and Miky Barber in 17:02.
Chris Tomlinson(Uk) with a good 8,18m took long jump over his compatriot and olympic champion Greg Rutherford(Uk) in 7,89m and third Christian Taylor (Usa) in 7,74m.
Mary Saxer (Usa) was the first in pole vault with 4,25m beating Holly Bleasdale (Uk) second in 4,10m,same measure as third April Bennett (Usa)
Last race of the day 150m with Wallace Spearmon (Usa) winner in 15:13 in front of Marlon Devonish(Uk) 15:20 and third Christian Malcom (uk) in 15.50.
USA won games over United Kingdom 6-3.

Official Complete Results