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Distance running gives us a good night from Memorial Van Damme with many interesting arguments coming out from the race.

10000m MEN:
It was called around 26'40 but a bit slow in the beginning with 9 seconds back with the official pace!!To be considered the guys run 13.31 the first half and 13.20 second half.Albert Rop did a great job in the first 5k and someone were thinking about Isaiah Koech (still too long this distance for him) but in my opinion i was not sure about his debut on distance.
Emmanuel Bett,the winner,was fourth last year in Brussels and this year improve less then a second his PB but caught the victory.Famous of this guy the photo where he trains with other guys pacing Mo Farah.It should be interesting to see this guy in a serious half and think his 62' on 21k could be destructed....some interesting halfmarathons this month....why not?
He has done a great race(57" last lap in 10k!!) and i am sure we will heard much about this guy.
Behind him happy to see back some very important athletes:Vincent Chepkok...not a brilliant year but he look like to have a great shape tonight in Belgium; Imane injury at the beginning being a problem of his season but now he is completely recovered; Leonard Komon...27.01.58 as first race after malaria (if i remember correctly) is fantastic:i want absolutely to see this guy on of the biggest talent

1500m MEN:
Probably the best of the season!!..Pacers at the beginning did a great job keeping the right pace.Silas Kiplagat was magic tonight:he staied covered all the race till last 100m where he was able to move very well and pushing hard to win.Last lap was totally a show!!.Makhloufi seems no fit:maybe tired?let's see tomorrow when he will run 800m in Rieti.Mathew Centrowitz again fourth in 3'32"47...he would be a star of distance next year!!a very good job with him by coach Salazar!!!
Asbel Kiprop looked like to be recovered after olympic injury otherwise he didn't run under 3'33.Maybe a llitle fear to push hard but a good race in my opinion..he is completely back!

800m WOMEN:
He will hear again speaking about burundian Francine Niyonsaba who won yesterday in 1'56"59.The surprise of the season.Her style of running could not be nice,her tactic sometimes this season was not the top...but the girl is really strong and fast.Savinova maybe tired (still Rieti for her) didn't react to the sprint and Jelimo started to pushed but burundian was more brilliant the her and maybe the kenyan also happy to have won DL arriving second.Two americans as Brenda Martinez and Anna Pierce under 2'00 give us another time how good is american movement of distance running.

A strange race..hoped to be paced at WR but something wrong in 2k after a perfect 1k by moldovan Luchianov.Jairus Birech and Conselsus Kipruto are my best for the future but yesterday was Brimin Kipruto the number one.Funny to see him yawning before the start broadcasted by all tv but,during the race,absolutely waken up with an incredible last lap in 59 and the last river-jump amazing without using the feet to jump on the obstacle!!Paul Koech tired...too long the season for him and not always races with incredible times

5000m WOMEN:
Mercy Njoroge did a great job in pacing the first half but nobody react when Veronica Nyaruai alone tried to go.Only Viola Kibiwott close on her near 4k panel and this help the tactic solution of the race.
Race built on a duel between Mercy Cherono and Vivian Cheruyot with the last one ready to revenge her last defeat by younger.Vivian ran all the race behind Mercy and last lap was able to move very well.She was in first position at the bell and this helped her to prepare her sprint in the best way.Cherono was third with Kibiwott in the middle:this not helped because when the sprint started,Mercy had some meters to close to Vivian before all!!
Hope nothing serious fo Sally Kipyego,looked like with a little injury at 150m to the end but incredibly able to close under 15' the same!!

Track season this weekend will be closed...Rieti miss!!..a very interesting and exciting season:in next weeks a big recap

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Dear Alberto, Personally i started to think to idea to beat WR of halfmarathon at beginning of December,but i spoke about it with Florence only when she came back to Kenya after winning New Delhi HalfMarathon last 15th December.When i asked her if race was hard,she answered me to have controlled till last 3km and to have won easily.So i started to put in her mind idea to try WR in February in a half without highpressure (as RAK for example) keeping so high concetration on quality trainings and putting inside also some crosscountry races(she never ran a cross since her victory in worldchamps 2009 ) such as Eldoret Xc and Police Champs to be focused more con competitions. In last period,the road to Barcellona is went through this quality training-workouts: Tuesday 21st January: 30 km in Moiben (15 going + 15 back) in 1:45:46  (medium speed  3’31”5) Saturday 25th January: 10 x 400m in 1’09” (recover 1’) + 10 x 200 in 32”5 (rec. 1’) + 5 x 400 in 67” (rec. 1’) + 10 x 200 in 31”5 (rec. 1’) with …