September was opened with the halfMarathon of Lille in France,a fast half won by Ezekiel Chebii and third was former world champ of 5k and many times world and olympic medallist Eliud Kipchoge in 59'25" the second fastest ever debut on hm!!
HERE all the story about this incredible athlete now 28 and already gold medal in 5k in Paris2003,twice medallist in Olympics in Athens2004 and Bejing2008 and many others exciting results.
About his debut in half,many questions was born about his possible road-career and i have putted him some few questions to understand more about it.

- Thanks Eliud!!Idea of halfmarathon debut is recent or a bit older?
 In my mind the idea to debut in halfamarathon was born last year but some problems didn't help me to realize that...Now the time is come and i have run my first half!!

-Many months u were training to prepare that race or a recent training??
 Seriously i can admit i have prepared my debut on 21km only for one month.

-Speaking about race in Lille:are u happy as it developed?Hoped this time or better?
 It was my first and i am happy how it is gone.As i thought!!About the time?!?I knew i was in good shape so i was expecting good times from french race.

-Now...Other road races in your season?Next summer back in track??
 I think to run HalfMarathon World Champs in Bulgaria at beginning of October and maybe one race more.Track...we will speak next year about it!!

-We are asking as late question...Marathon in Kipchoge's future??
 Yes,I will participating marathon soon!!!Too early speak more about this other debut but it will be!!

Congrats again to Eliud Kipchoge for the very great debut in half...hoping to see him in front of World Champs of halfmarathon!!!!...:))