A Chat with:Adharanand Finn.Author of the book "Running with the Kenyans"

Finally bought in italian this incredible book!! "Running with the Kenyans" written by Adharanand Finn .
Being a great fan of all about running,i am ever interesting to understand more about this area called Rift Valley,the secret of the people inside and how these guys love so much running to earn money.
Reading this book for me it is a great pleasure and want to share a podcast realized in these days with the author who was very nice to explain me his book and i public thank him.
In this month i will be proud to present a review in italian of it because,also for italian fans of running and marathons,this book must be absolutely read.
by now it could be really interesting reading these two important reviews worldwide:


In the first half of this podcast,author will speak us about the book and the idea of the book.He doesn't forget also to explain us some aspects of kenyan life and what means running in Rift Valley.
Being him so expert about kenyan running,i have also asked him his opinion about Olympics and why kenyans are not so brilliant as Daegu analyzing every race done by now.He gives also his opinion on what wrong in them and finally we can listen what he thinks about incoming marathon-men where Kenyans are the favourites.
Let's hear to him:

Have a good time with this fantastic book in my opinion!!u can buy it online everywhere!!


  1. I have read this book. I was probably the first Brazilian to read it. Excellent book.

  2. Iread this book few months ago, it was a fantastic trip in the world of Kenya runners: training, culture famyly life, ecc.
    wery exciting read.


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