Few days and it will be Olympics.Till 3rd of August to wait for Athletics beginning.
In these short post i want to give you an easy guide how to follow every competitions of Athletics.

-You still don't who will broadcast Olympics Games in your nation?? HERE you can find for every nations of  the world the Online Broadcaster,Free to Air Broadcaster and Cable or satellite Tv.
-You are from Africa or Asia... HERE a great news for these games:Livestreaming through Youtube...an interesting news.
-Don't forget app for phones and tablet,both IOS and Android:NBC and BBC my best for both systems.

After found the way to watch races,it's now necessary to discover timetable of the races: HERE the official one distributed from LOC.Pay attention:every time for races is in London Time.U can find in this file the best timetable with all heats,semifinals and finals.

Finally we have to discover who will compete race by race and BBC-OLYMPICS provides the best solution in my opinion: HERE u can choose the competition u prefer,click on it and then on Athletes in the top:in the and it will be shown the faces of all athletes competing in their races.

In next days i will present technically and better race by race with the help and important opinion of Renato Canova.