Around 20 days and it will be first birthday of my blog.It was born as a game and now it is a reality.
I have updated it with some news that i am going to show in this post.
It was born a FACEBOOK FAN PAGE where inside u will find videos of recent athletics and livestreaming links.Maybe sometimes also startinglists of little meetings to let u know everything!!..Please click "Like it" on the page!!..:))
Athletics is also i thought:"Why not on Pinterest??"... AT THIS LINK u will find my board on athletics all over the world!!..wait for you click also there!!..:))
Recently mobile-web has grown very much and so i have thought a solution to be also there.The great idea is called GOOGLE CURRENTS a free app to have all your prefer news on your phone or tablet!!
Search for "Il blog di Alberto Stretti" and u will find me!!I divided my channel in two parts:one for posts of my blog to let u read them there and the other to receive all my tweet and retweet from Twitter and videos from my fb-page.
My channel on Google Currents is still under not perfect by now!!..In few days i will finish my job!!
You can find Google Currents:

-HERE  for Android phone and tablet

-HERE on Itunes for IOS (Iphone and Ipad )

That's all!!...follow me in all these links!! be always informed about what happens in beautiful world of athletics!!...:)))