On Saturday day2 of kenyan-trials...
Having received the startinglists i am going to make my preview of every races..:

HERE using for the first time Storify in athletics i can make you a recap about the startinglist for the finals.

800m women:

Pamela Jelimo and Janet Jepkosgei should be considered some second always ahead of the others.Their results all over the season give them one step more every other girls.Interesting should be the battle for the the third place with a duel between Wafula (new name this year) and Mwanzi i hope (injured in beginning but now feel ok).

1500m women:

Starting the 3 names is difficult...i try:Hellen Obiri for the season very good and looked like very improved.Second place for Faith Chepngetich:very young but very strong...we can't know where she can stop cronos.Third name is a Dr.Rosa affair in my opinion between Janet Jepkosgei at the double,Eunice Sum reached a very high level this year and former olympics champ Nancy Langat who is back after a very difficult year.

5000m women:

Vivian Cheruyot and Sally Kipyego are sure in my opinion....Vivian before all the others!!Battle of third shoul be the news also here...Let's make some names...
The revenge of Lineth Masai after out in 10k??..yes i think probably...i would like to see again the most elegant athlete running for kenyan team.Interested to see Pauline Korikwiang and Mercy Cherono,both called at a big track season and quite relaxed till now!Don't forget Viola Kibiwott and Silvya Kibet but a special mention for young Janeth Kisa..

3000 steeple women:

Milca Chemos and who else??...behind her and after saw some races i tell Mercy Njoroge and dont' forget Lydia Rotich..but also here many young and unknown girls could create troubles to the biggers.

800m men:

Obviously David Rudisha could be the winner of the race but both the positions after him could give us some surprises...Easy to say Job Kinyor and Timothy Kitum but why forget the young guys inside and the old Alfred Yego able to move very well in a busy finish...The very big news of the day is Kosencha out in the heats:said sick but i didn't found confirm;what a pity his absence being him an incredible talent.

1500m men:

The really Royal Battle!!!...everyone inside the final!!Oh my god!!..Everyone could tell easily Asbel,Silas and Nixon....but..we are sure?? Betwel Birgen improved a lot this year and new name  James Magut looks like an intelligent man moving in the group..Very unsure about result of this distance!!

5000m men:

Hoping the best for my friend Edwin Soi before all...Very difficult also here making 3 names as preview.
Isaiah Koech a to move very well on track.Eliud Kipchoge wants a the pass for olympics absolutely ater having lose 10k.Timothy Kiptoo is the new name this year and he can tell something important.Thomas Longosiwa could be interesting and very fast if he feel well.Why forget William Malel and Vincent Chepkok??...too many guys...a surprise also for me!!

3000 steeple men:

Paul Koech and Ezekiel Kemboi should be sure for me!!..Brimin Kipruto looked like not so strong in recent races so i have some doubts...the possible outisders: Jairus Kipchoge and Conselsus Kipruto..