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Today Italian Federation  ha announced team for Helsinki euro-champs.
You can read it at this LINK.

Some personal considerations about every discipline!

Cerutti Collio and Riparelli are good for 100m and also for relay.They arrive at Helsinki in their best conditions.In 200m it sounds good names of Marani and Manenti:two young athletes very improved this year.On 400 Marco Vistalli took last week his qualify-time and seems in very good shape.My surprise is the very young Valentini,but when selected a young talent...i am always happy.About relay:both could give us some suprises..i trust in them!!Two very selected groups...curious to see Claudio Licciardello in 4x400m,after long-training in USA with Loren Seagrave,he could be in my opinion the key for a big results.
In higher hurdles we can take medal with Abate,in incredible shape this year and young Bencosme could improve more his time in 400h:see him around 49"50-49"70 could be reality.This sunday he won 400h alone in 50"05 at youth national:it could be means something??

Middle distances and distances:
Scapini on 800m could be strange for me,really not sure about his real shape.Better the former moroccan Haidane on 1500:followed him many races and many times around 3' could be a great result for him.
On 5k and 10k two guys sure...very sure...Daniele Meucci and Stefano LaRosa...hoping only the best for them!!..Meucci medal quite sure and LaRosa in 5k not so far!!Special mention to my friend Yuri Floriani in steeple:he took qualify-time in Golden in him and u can still have big results.


In high jump my best is Chesani and he could be around best five.I will follow very interested triple jump with Donato Schembri and most of all young Daniele Greco (17,47m SB).

Maybe from hammer our best with legend Vizzoni and the solid Povegliano.

I am agree with my federation...a good selection in big mistakes in my opinion!!


Evert athletes are very young and this is good for our future.Too curious about Gloria Hooper:everything still to discover about this 200m runner.In relay these young girls could give their best and i am really curious about them.In 400 Libania Grenot could do her best having run recently 50.92..around medal??too early to speak but not impossible!!Spacca and Bazzoni could be good finallists!!in relay we will have six girls for four place:our technical staff must do a great job to choose the right four!!In higher hurdles our girls are amazing this year:Caravelli Cattaneo and Pennella...surprises sure!!!


Silvia Weissteiner seems not good shape this summer and so difficult make a preview about her.Elena Romagnolo is finally coming pay attention to her!!my best will be Nadia Ejjafini:in 10k she can give her best...not far from medal in my opinion!!

6 athletes improving movement!!Chiara Rosa in shot put si came back around 19m...attention to her!!New name of Apostolico could give us something important:this season incredible throws for her.Silvia Salis in hammer:surely around fifth position or better.

Quite agree with my federation in women:fantastic the youngers in sprints!!!

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Just finished BarcelonaHalf.I am impressed by Julien Wanders again..

Here official results men and women

My assistant Alberto Mazzucchelli has just prepared this graphic analyzing top class in men:

59:44 para el etíope Washiun Mule en la #EdreamsMitjaBarcelona 👏👏👏récord de la prueba superando el anterior registro de Kipchoge — LBDC • WebRun SPORT (@BolsaCorredor) 11 febbraio 2018


This morning in Nairobi Geoffrey Kamworor confirmed his xc title.In women great success for Stacy Ndiwa.



Dear Alberto, Personally i started to think to idea to beat WR of halfmarathon at beginning of December,but i spoke about it with Florence only when she came back to Kenya after winning New Delhi HalfMarathon last 15th December.When i asked her if race was hard,she answered me to have controlled till last 3km and to have won easily.So i started to put in her mind idea to try WR in February in a half without highpressure (as RAK for example) keeping so high concetration on quality trainings and putting inside also some crosscountry races(she never ran a cross since her victory in worldchamps 2009 ) such as Eldoret Xc and Police Champs to be focused more con competitions. In last period,the road to Barcellona is went through this quality training-workouts: Tuesday 21st January: 30 km in Moiben (15 going + 15 back) in 1:45:46  (medium speed  3’31”5) Saturday 25th January: 10 x 400m in 1’09” (recover 1’) + 10 x 200 in 32”5 (rec. 1’) + 5 x 400 in 67” (rec. 1’) + 10 x 200 in 31”5 (rec. 1’) with …