NCAA Nationals champs are just finished but  for Lawi Lalang the season is not finished!!..one of the strongest guys of middle-distance races will be race next week in a very important competition.Let discover which race will be.

Q:Thanks Lawi for speaking again with me.A big honour for me considering you a very big talent of track&field.

A: Thanks to you Alberto.Very appreciated your wishes during all season and support throughout every race i have competed.Very nice have fan so far as you from Italy.

Q:NCAA season is finished..Maybe someone hope more from you in track-season.What has happened?

A:My friend...nothing to say...this how the sport-business is.I have done my best and my congrats to other guys!!

Q:And now?U will running again immediately or not??

A:I am at home now Alberto.I am in Kenya in Eldoret:the city where i was born!!My next goal,as u know,will be Kenyan trials next week on 5k.I have the olympics dream in my mind and i will try to realize it.

Q:Wow...Eldoret-training preparing for Kenyan trials?who are your trainingmates?difficult running so high??

A:Yes Alberto.It's really hard training higher altitude but it's going to become normal for me.Here i am training with my brother Boaz Lalang and my team-mate of Arizona Stephen Sambu.

Q:Last question...speaking about your future...on web some rumors told us about u going pro...true or false?..

A:Completely false my friend!!Next year i will be in Arizona University again...No Pro!!!..It will be another great year for us!!

God bless you Lawi!!Good luck fo trials