Next Sunday an incredible road race in Manchester (UK) 
i will try to create a guide with this post:

COURSE a quite fast course around the streets of Manchester..
LIVESTREAMING on BBC2 on Sunday from 10AM GMT to 12.30AM GMT 

(ATTENTION:this streaming will be avaliable only in uk!!I will be able to publish a worldwide streaming-link few moments before race)

Terrible!!One kenian against 3 incredible ethiopians!!Kenian will be Patrick Makau,out of Olympics kenian marathon team,but still WR holder of marathon in last BerlinMarathon.I hope he will demostrate it was a big mistake leave him home from Olympics.Against him Haile Gebresilassie,the real king and legend of our world!!Two last WR holder in marathon one against Berlin last september!!..Who will win this time??Very difficult to make a name!!
Ethiopian Kebede will return to race less than one month after LondonMarathon:in my opinion a little bit early!!Hoping better for him!!
I am really too curious to see Ayele Abshero,new name of ethiopian marathon movemente.In January he was able to run the fastest time in marathon of 2012 winning Dubai in 2h04'23...still remember that race!!astonishing and amazing!!this young guy will run his second marathon in Olympics and this will be his first race after Dubai,very curious to see what he can my opinion he can really win!!Ugandan Stephen  Kiprotich,Ukrainan Sergey Lebid and my friend Stefano Scaini will complete the top ten!!
In women race who else?..Linet Masai...the most elegant athlete in the world.Against her english Yamauchi and the big talent of Charlotte Purdue,one of the possible surprise of the race.Outsider will be kenian Jerotich,british Gemma Steel,the other kenian Changeiywo and the italians Anna Incerti and Nadia Ejjafini.
Difficult to find a similar road race all around..

Dont' forget in the afternoon the GreatCityGames in DeansGate in center of Manchester

LIVESTREAMING from 3.30 PM GMT to 5PM GMT ON BBC2 (for streaming the same as the morning)