In the incoming night,for Europe,there will be PAYTON JORDAN CARDINAL INVITATIONAL where fast times on 10000 are usual in incredible weather conditions and perfect climate for run.This meeting became famous with under 27' of Solinsky two years ago and incredible races in women.
This year,a sort of legend in athletics,Stanford's meeting will have incredible numbers of runners all around the world(everyone is paying is ticket having no appearance from organizers):
-49 people on 800m Men                                            -67 in 800m Women
-89 in 1500m Men                                                       -104 in 1500m Women
-64 in 3000st Men                                                       -53 in 3000st Women
-104 in 5000m Men  SHOCKING!!!!                         -90 in 5000m Women
-82 in 10000m Men                                                     -72 in 10000m Women

You can find HERE the official timetable of the event...remember it is in Pacific Time...add 8 hours for GMT or 9 hours for CET.So the big 10k titled to Kim McDonald will be tomorrow early morning around 5.45 AM GMT...don't lose it!!

Here you are the official LIVESTREAMING of the event....thanks to guys of FLOTRACK for the amazing job they are going to do.

Reading the long list of names:
In 1500m my best will be my friend Lawi Lalang.Against him Evan Jager now a steepler and ..Alan Webb??what will he do??..remember season of Lawi Lalang will be long so these races are all a kind of training.........
Very difficult tell a name for 5k..too many guys strong!!..In 10k my name is Sam Chelanga:he run 27'08 2 years ago here...only better he can do now!!Curious to see Chris Derrick of Stanford.It will be interesting to see how many guys will be under 28',i hope also two italians LaRosa and Meucci (Lalli DNS)..Olympics are coming!!

Some names also for women:
In 800 the surprise of last season as Morgan Uceny.
In 1500 Angela Bizzarri,Jordan Hasay,Susan Kuijken,Anna Pierce.
Wow...what a 5000....Sally Kipyego my best...many other strong girl...!!
And in 10k women...Janet Cherobon,Desiree Davila,Amy Hastings,Deena Kastor,english Charlotte Purdue and Lisa Uhl...this last my best for the race!!

What a meeting...excited about that!!..i will not lose it!!!