Being a big fan of marathon,the news announced today is very important in this year and, after reading many opinions on Twitter and Facebook,it's time to make a kind or recap and say something about this question.
In my opinion it is sure that some other names will make a good race this spring will be considered and probably selected for the team but also interesting to understand who could be out.
General consideration is only one:it doesn't matter the names but with these 6 guys (3 men+3women) it will be impossible for anyone the marathons-podium in London next August!!...maybe only the best Shobukova could say something different!!
In men section telling these six names is very easy...they are the top,the strongest!!
-MOSES MOSOP:what he has done at the debut in Boston is unbelievable!!..and he confirmed in Chicago everything!!Time in Chicago was not so fast but remember he was not in good shape!!He is preparing Rotterdam now:i can't believe what can happens in that fast course!
-GEOFFREY MUTAI:Boston and New York won in that ways!!...what else!!....
-EMMANUEL MUTAI:Triumph in London with a very fast time and very good race also in New York..
-ABEL KIRUI:with two gold medals in world champs is correct put him inside in my opinion being him able to run at the top shape also champs-race..very imporant for a race as Olympics be able to not "hear" the important race in the day before and be relaxed always
-WILSON KIPSANG:he was surprise and became a star after Frankfurt where he lost WR in the last km...he will probably run in April in London and nothing is impossible for him!!
-PATRICK MAKAU:i have to admit my mistake about him....checked everything and before Berlin run incredibly fast more times.I read 59'02" in hm in Udine:i know every meters of that race..... sorry Patrick!!
Reading season-lists and twitter it will be easy to suggest names as Wilson Chebet and Vincent Kipruto...yes correct but i will not forget at the same Martin Lel,older thant other guys but if with a good shape and completely solved his health-problems,is very able to run one-against-one as in London.
Words of Isaiah Kiplagat say about a hard decision with 150 people raced the minimum..yes but with these names u can only lose the gold..

speaking about women...

Some surprises in my opinion...
Personally i don't think so easy in women and the season incoming will change something of sure!!
Edna Kiplagat ,Florence Kiplagat and Mery Keitany seem untouchable by now and i am agree!!But not sure  
it will finish with this trio in London.Priscah Jeptoo run an amazing time in Paris and then confirmed in Daegu with silver: i am waiting her improvement in spring in LondonMarathon!!Sharon Cherop run fast in Boston and then bronze in Daegu:also for her we are waiting a spring-marathon.
Lydia Cheromei should be considered a kind of captain of this team:she run 2h22 in Prague in May and the season now opening could help us to understand her real condition.
Next Friday in DubaiMarathon will make marathon-debut Lucy Kabuu:in less than two months twice under 67'10" on half...she can be the first big surprise of the season of sure and change something in the six!!
Speaking other names...Caroline Kilel first of all!!..Not in the three but i thought sure in the six:she triumph in Boston but run not so good in NY (time around 2h25 for a bad race....which time if she was ok?i can't imagine!!)

Probably someone will not be agree with my arguments but social networks help a lot to sharing every opinions an my idea for this post is right this...

Hope u like it!!