This sunday there will not be only US marathon trials but in Europe the most important event will be "CROSS DE ITALICA" IAAF crosscountry in Seville (spain).
HERE u will find livestreaming of the race with a complete timetable!!(times are CET  GMT+1)
HERE the complete starting list of event (international races at page 40-41)

This is probably the best cross-country race of the year and i am going to make my personal preview speaking who could be in my opinion the best actors of both international races!!


-VIVIAN CHERUYOT :Number one of contenders and probably the woman to beat!!She ran once recently in a winning BOCLASSIC (italian road race) where she appeared in good shape even if at beginning of season.She was the best athletics-woman of last year and she returns to Seville to start the same road walked last year when she won 3 world medals (cross-5k-10k).

-LINET MASAI:Obviously number two.She run and won in Atapuerca in the first cross of the year.The most elegant athlete will run in Seville to finally try to beat her friend Vivian Cheruyot.It will be hard but possible pushing strong since the middle.

-FIOUNNALA BRITTON:no european had beat her in cross this year:she is in very good shape!!She excellently catch gold in EuropeanCross champs and last saturday made an amazing triumph in GreatEdinburghRun.Very curious and interested to see her against the terrible kenyans

MERCY CHERONO: Very young but very strong:able in 2011 to run 14'35 on 5k and very improved last year!!I saw her race last friday in italian cross CAMPACCIO:an amazing run!!Very strong,always pushing and no fear again a strong athlete as Silvia Kibet:she could be the real surprise of the day

The first race after health-problems for Pauline Korikwiang could tell us if she recovered completely;Piscah Jepleting appears no strong as others kenyan girls.Speaking about ethiopians it's impossible to forget Ayalew-sisters....good athletes but probably on distances longer.Italian Ejjafini and spanish Dolores Checa to complete the possible top ten


LEONARD KOMON The king of Italica of last two years is my number one favourite for sunday:few races recently but always well!!He perfectly knows this circuit and coul do his best:let remind he is WR holder of 10k and 15k road race and preparing his first halfmarathon next march.

PAUL TANUI:This kenyan,japanese-based,let me curious...very strong on track and defending silver medal in last WorldChamps XC.Recent japanese races tell us about a good shape for him.

IMANE MERGA: World Cross Champ doesn't seem in good shape last weeks.his training is not very explosive as recently:of sure in top but not winner in my opinion.

VINCENT CHEPKOK: I liked his race in Campaccio:attention to him!!If race will become hard he will be a front-runner:only the best Edwin Soi had beaten him at sprint!!..again attention to Vincent!!

AYAD LAMDASSEM: only a mistake in this season for him:in European champs when he lost gold waiting too much to close on belgian Bekele.Last saturday in GreatEdinburghRun did a very great job with a sure triumph.He was sixth in Seville last year and,even if he is preparing japanese marathon of Otsu,in my opinion he will be no far from top five.

Hunegaw Mesfin a talent but another very strange season:difficult to understand his condition but always a very good athlete.Moses Kipsiro is came back?On sunday we will know but don't forget him!!! Young Geoffrey Kipsang could create troubles to some big:only 19years old but 59'31" 40 days ago in New Delhi HalfMarathon.

an astonishing race!!