WASHINGTON POST has the news already online!!Here up u find official results of this incredible race!!I will try to write my first considerations and during the day i will update this post!!
Tactically was a race normale with a pace pushed very hard since the beginning.In men race a very good job till 28km for 3 pacers Keitany,Kurgat and Kyieng.Martin Lel never in race and often too close and far from the top as a sign of a not right day!!It was known ethiopians had pushed harder for the time first of all as 3 fastest of spring will go to London Olympics and they do it!!
Out of race also Deriba Merga,well done by Marcos Geneti who made a big firs selection but in my opinion was impressive the gap created by Abshero in few meters to go for the triumph!
The first statistics says Dubai become the fourth fastest course in the world after the majors:i had saw the race and i am agree:it was very very fast
Curious during the day to see intermediate times about race:in my opinion very strong last 5km!!...around 30k the predicted time was around 2h05 or something a bit more!!
Very well done by Jonathan Mayo:coach Canova spoke me about this guy around 2h07 and he went under 2h05:second was also a guy unknown...i know also coached by Canova :during the day i will probably know more about him!!
If the season is opened with similar results...i don't want to know what can happens in next months!!
During the day i will speak more about an astonishing women race:complete podium under 2h20!!!!!..what else??
Coach Canova spoke me also his girls but i don't believe something like this morning in Dubai.......
During the day i have received the contributes of two important men in athletics-world as manager DeMadonna and coach Canova..Their Exclusive opinions only on my blog:

MANAGER GIANNI DEMADONNA (top two women in dubaimarathon and second in men):

"To do fast times we need fantastic weather conditions and a good course and today we had both:13°c at the start and 14°c at finish with a very fast course with only one corner at 18km when u came back near the sea.But this is not enough to explain these fast times:if u look the past of every athlete in the top,we saw guys with a big talent.Abshero was junior world champion cross country and last year 59'42 on the half.My athlete Dino Sefir, the second, has PB on halfmarathon also around 59'40 and last year was able to run 2h10'33 in marathon at Ottawa without specific trainings for marathon.Behind these not forger Marcos Geneti running around 2h06 last year in Los Angeles at the debut.2012 is started with fireworks if u look Tiberias Marathon and Houston 2 weeks ago.I am not so much surprised about this kind of future because now in Kenya and Ethiopia we have hundreds of athletes running for living assisted well by managers,something never existed before.I have here a staff,in Kenya in my camp we have everything:pacers for women,medical assistance for every health problems and principally coaches who train them with new ideas only dreamed by them years ago(my special thanks to Renato Canova and Gabriele Nicola for coaching-work).These factors are all important but you don't have to forget one thing:with few races on track,for guys with around 27' on 10k is easier decide to run a marathon.This kind of jump to marathon in men is done,still a couple of year to let women to understand the same idea!
Speaking about Lucy Kabuu,the real surprise of the day,we are coaching her since last 6 months and managing by2..having 14'35 and 30'30 as PB with her mind and with our training-programs created during the years trying also new is easy to reach these kind of goals.
Speaking about race:men pace very regular with a predicted time of 2h05 and with very fast km in the finish.Women through 69'40 at half and still 7 women on the panel of 30km.Last 4km with Kabuu pushing till last km with Mergia as 800m runner (she is with us since the beginning of her career) controlling the revenge of an incredible Kabuu.Lucy in my opinion must be member of Olympics team and the other girls must answer her in London..having run in January she will be more relaxed than the others".

"My opinion about a race that confirmed the marathon-world is really changing.Men race developed very fast without big gaps on the pace:62'20 at half with 23 guys all together.By pacing of Geneti and Abshero at 30km time was 1h29'04 but only 9 guys:kenyan Mayo and all ethiopians.Reduced in 5 at 35km by an increasing on the pace of Tola.Impressive was Abshero from panel of 40k:last 2195m in 6'07..never seen a so fast finish in marathon..he run at 2'45" last chilometers!!!
With a PB of 13'11 Ayele is still very young and could be the future of marathon with some famous kenyans.Behind him an astonishing sprint between Dino Sefir,Marcos Geneti and Jonathan Mayo:Sefir and Mayo are members of my group:during our preview we spoke about them but honestly i can't predict similar times...happy for them!
Something incredible today...very fast race..Stephen Kibiwott was 15th with 2h08'11:a fantastic race with 4 under 2h05,8 under 2h06' and 10 under 2h07'....
In the women-race we had for the first-time 3 women under 2h20' and 5 under 2h21'.I can follow the race on motorcycle so i can check every km and can give you extact times.The start was very fast with a following slowdown.The first 5k were reached by a group of 13 in 16'43 then,by an order of Lucy Kabuu,the pacers pushed up the pace to 3'17at km to go through 10k in 33'06.All together with the same pace,the 9 top classfied at the end went through 15k (49'40) 20k (66'06) and half in 1h09'42".At 23k Mamitu Daska went back to have 8 together at 25k (1h22'40).At 30k (1h39'18) went back Sharon Cherop and ethiopian Atsede Baysa seems to have problems.Also Lydia Cheromei showed some problems (stomach problems before the start) and she lost meters with Bizunesh Bekele at 35k (1h55'40").At this time were in four for the triumph:Lucy Kabuu who gave a big push to the pace,Aselefech Mergia very relaxed,Mare Dibaba and Aberu Kebede who lost suddenly meters at 38k.Very exciting the finish when Mergia,800m still to run,started as a track-runner:there was a Kabuu-reaction but impossibile to close gap on the ethiopian.Very fast the last 2195m for them:7'04 for Mergia and 7'07 for Kabuu.PB for all the top six classfied and a great satisfaction for me who has seen Mergia improvement (for the first time under 2h20'),Aberu from 2h23'48" to 2h20'33 and Lydia Cheromei (despite stomach problems) from 2h22'13 to 2h21'30 and verified the huge potential of Lucy Kabuu,probably the new star of the future!".