It will be still night all around Europe when in Dubai thousands athletes will be at the start line of DubaiMarathon,the first important marathon of this new season.Race start for elite men and women will be at 3am GMT and the race will be broadcasted by Dubai Sports Channel (i will probably be able to have livestreaming link).


In my famous video-interview,Coach Renato Canova spoke about a new era of marathon and still many surprises in 2012 starting from DubaiMarathon so i decided to contact him again and ask his opinion about this incoming race
"Men race will have surely two big names in Martin Lel and Deriba Merga" Renato Canova opens our chat with these words "I have spoke with Martin yesterday at LondonMarathon presentation in Iten and he says to feel in good shape and starting the race to reach his new PB on 42k.Deriba will be probably able to run around 2h05 to try to be in first three of Ethiopia and being automatically selected and qualified for Olympics".
A race so fast will have and halfmarathon time very interesting "Yes,it will asked a time around 62'30 at the half to be able to reach a similar goal".
Other two names Renato Canova suggested to us "To run a good race around 2h07,an intelligent race..i want to suggest two other guys i train named Stephen kibiwott and Jonathan Mayo:i would like for them a pace around 3'/3'01" at km to sign at half around 63'30".
Still speaking about men he want to close telling me "Many african guys will probably follow Martin and Deriba pace and in last 7-8 km it will be a disaster".
I am agree with coach Canova about two big names but,reading startinglist it will be a very exciting race with 12 guys with a pb under 2h07';last year winner David Barmasai only 14th!!!
Many new guys in this race in my could really be a race totally to discover!!!i bet on other three names,maybe to as winners but very near to podium :Ethiopian Markos Geneti,Kenyan Gilbert Yegon (2h06'18 at the debut in Amsterdam in 2009 deleting older record of the race of an ethiopian named Haile Gebresilassie) and Elijah Keitany:personally saw him in a halfmarathon here in italy some years ago like an incredible talent able to run 2h06'41 at debut in 42k.
Few words about my preferred, Martin Lel:appeared in a good shape finishing fourth in last edition of Corrida de San Paulo Brasil,he will probably back after two difficult years injured and will try to get qualification for Olympics:as said in other post ,in my opinion he is the only able to change ideas at Kenya coaching-staff for London.


Continuing my chat with Renato Canova speaking about women:"In women race i think to train leading athletes of the race.In last training Lydia Cheromei and Lucy Kabuu (at the debut) have done excellent works and our goal is to run under 2h21".I am curious to know possible pace of the girls."We are going to have a 3'20"at km like pace with the idea to improve it in the last chilometers if the weather will be fine".
World bronze medallist in Daegu Sharon Cherop could be a top contender i ask?? "Yes,she could be one of them!She is still coached by Gabriele Nicola:let me thank Gabriele Nicola public to support me in first part of training of Lucy and Lydia till november."
Speaking about ethiopians,someone also coached by Canova,one name came out his words:"Aberu Kebede is said in a very good shape and very interesting will be her race.Near her,i put my other girls Aselefech Mergia and Koren Yal."
In my opinion,reading mediaguide it will be an amazing race on women-side!! 10 girls had a PB under 2h24".Ethiopians Mamitu Daska and Mare Dibaba will be important contenders to the kenyan girls named by Canova.
My preferred in women is Lucy Kabuu:she can do really a great race after two halfs under 67'10 in last autumn.In my opinion she is the only one can also change something in women provvisional team for Olympics.

It should be really a great race that will open another incredible marathon-year!!
on friday my opinion after the race hoping to have interviews with the stars of the race!!

DOWNLOAD official Mediaguide of event