Eurochamp Fiounnalla Britton caught this important triumph with an amazing race against english Gemma Steel beaten also in Edinburgh.In a course very difficult to run and not so easy as Edinburgh,irish Britton had an incredible battle against english and only in last lap could go away and win by only 7seconds:africans very far at over 20 seconds.
On 21th editions of Antrim cross,africans won 20 and this year Mike Kigen claimed his third triumph giving 28 seconds to other kenyan Mutuga.An hard race caused by rain as in photo where Kigen and Britton had dominated the competitions being really the strongest today.
HERE you can find IAAF report and official results.

Sure win by Mark Kiptoo.At the age of 35 he demostrated what hard training can do.Quite forgot he came back and you have to sign also his name for the African Cross Champs.Not far from him in second position marathoner William Chebon and cross country bronze medallist Vincent Chepkok.
Sharon Cherop happy for being named in provvisional marathon team for Olympics did a great race and in last lap was incredibly able to keep behind her in an exciting sprint miler Hellen Obiri appeared in a very good shape.On IAAF u can read the results.

Record of 2155 participants for cross organized from Dr.Rosa.An incredible success of races and people as tradition.Senior race dominated by Geoffrey Mutai,Mathew Kisorio,Asbel Kiprop and Wilson Kiprop with the last one able in the last lap to push very strong and catch the triumph against strong rivals.Wilson Kiprop in very good shape after have seen him in Boclassic very fast against Edwin Soi.Confortable run by Asbel Kiprop in preparation for outdoor track races in Australia next month.
In women Joyce Jepkurui did her best in last lap when she took the head in front of marathoner Priscah Jeptoo and went away very strong and fast.
William Malel Sitonik won in juniors by 11 seconds in front of Japhet Korir.
HERE the results

Probably in Spain the best cross of the day with finally the first race in Europe of World cross champ silver medal Paul Tanui.Tanui and the young Kipsang (winner of Seville) pushed very strong since the beginning and took early the lead with Geoffrey Kirui who left behind in third when the duo Tanui-Kipsang started in an amazing way to push harder.
At the astonishing sprint the triumph for Paul Tanui with the same time of Kipsang but they leave the young Kirui 39 SECONDS behind!!!!..fantastic!!good race in fifth position for the spanish Javier Guerra and another bad race for Leonard Komon incredibly out of race also today.
Ethiopian Wude did an easy job to win today being  the strongest before the start.Appreciated the race for kenyan Korikwiang at the second race of the season and able to catch the bronze behind the Ayalew's sisters.
The results of spanish cross are HERE