The season cross-country in USA is now finished.It was very interesting for me to follow the two big champs:NCAA and HighSchool!!
For an italian,it is amazing to see similar races and so well organized!!In both races i have noticed sponsors on the side of course;i saw many people at the races and first of all many athletes:really surprised about this!!In Italy there is not any kind of school-champs and to see so many athletes and public you must be at only one race:team champs XC title!!You can see same numbers only we have six race in one day with the best teams of nation in each categiories:in regional or local phases senior-men race could be less than 50 athletes..:(((
I appreciate very much,especially for highschool the private way for moto with cameras on board for live viewing...In Italy only fixed cameras for mobile!!..We have to learn more and more!!
Speaking about the races now and starting from NCAA:
Here the complete versions of two races run in Indiana 2 weeks ago...In men-race it was faboulus to see Lawi Lalang running:very incredible talent from Arizona already announced to be the owner of 2012 in NCAA.Read something said by his coach James Li (same as Bernard Lagat and Stephen Sambu) about Lalang (HERE u can read the original and complete):it spoken as an incredible talent about Lawi Lalang:i am agree!!!After see him running in Indiana i am very curious to see him in a cross here in Europe with his now condition:is it completely impossible due NCAA rules???A duel Ebuya-Lalang?!?....only a dream??..:))
No surprises also in women race with Sheila Reid to push really hard in the finish:very strong this girl...and track season indoor and outdoor will be her!!

AT THIS LINK (courtesy of you find the other important race about HighSchool with that incredible talent and very young of Futsum Zeinasellaissie...oh my god!!What a show!!Able to make a big gap (more than 20 sec) to all the other guys!!We are probably speaking about a new record course!!this was a course as in Europe,absolutely no easy!!..with bad conditions and some artificial jumps or up and down...a real european cross!!!..and he did it an incredible job!!!First time i have followed Highschool but it will happen again during the season!!!And last consideration...what a show the start!!!Impressive to see many incredible and amazing vision...:)))

Uploaded few hours ago by Flotrack-guys...a sort of predictions about 2012XC NCAA...i am agree with them:it will be another Lalang-year!!!