In my opinion is interesting to make an analysis between Patrick Makau and Wilson Kipsang:to try to understand where in Berlin was possible to get WR and where in Frakfurt was lost it.Makau started with a fast 5k at begininng,where in run 14'37" instead 14'49" of Kipsang.A gap of 22sec going down km by km and being 9 sec at 10k,7sec at 15k,only 1sec at 20k!!!
At 25k the worst:Makau was back of 9sec but in this moment he changed his run and probably,between 25k and 30k he decided results of Berlin:14'20 that 5k instead 14'40 of Kipsang.Remember Berlin,i can speak about a bad job of peacemaker in Berlin especially around half!!Between 30k and 35k another impressive break of Makau with a 14'38" against 14'54" of Kipsang.At panel of 40k something was changed again:Kipsang run this 5k in 14'36" instead Makau 14'59".The exact same time for two guys in last 2,195km run in 6'23" both!!So..we can say that Makau got WR between 25k and 35k running a 10k in 28'58" instead 29'34" of Kipsang.If Makau had right pace at the beginning (first half) probably his time could be lower.Good pace for Kipsang but we can say he has waited too much to start alone....maybe startin some km before now he was new record holder.