Tomorrow it will be the day of ChicagoMarathon and i am very curious about Moses Mosop.I have seen him running here in Italy last year in Stramilano won in 59'20" and i want to recap news on web about him:the fastest debut in marathon!!

This is his voice taken by Flotrack in these days before race!!A very determined guy!!
It's also interesting to see the road of this guy to arrive to marathon and his page on IAAF :able to run under 13' on 5k and under 27' in 10k...it means something in my opinion!!
It's unbelievable some kinds of workouts he has done: 45km around 20th of September with his coach Renato Canova.You can read about training and similars HERE .
On Competitor.com i have found also this INTERVIEW in 4 parts but very well done!!
So,tomorrow we are going to see a fast race not WR-paced but course-record yes!!..His coach speaks about him at 80-85% of shape with a tendon problem.Renato Canova says if he was still with the condition before Eugene (30k WR) he could run under 2h03' in Berlin.Tomorrow it is thought as a warm race in a hot day.
WR 30k in Eugene?!?..HERE it is the complete report of RUNNERSPACE:COM with the complete video of that race!!