Daegu World Champs are going to the end but today i want to speak about a girl who should be written as "The Queen of Daegu", the kenyan Vivian Cheruyot winner of two gold medals as 10k and 5k today.
For this 28 years old girl from Keyio is the third world title after the one in Berlin in 2009.
Today she run very intelligent,waiting the last lap to make her progression
In this video of Kenyan-tv you can see the highlights of the race and her last lap run in an incredible 58"68 to leave behind her team-mate Silvia Kibet and ethiopian Meseret Defar not so in good shape in this champs.
It was a strange race run very slowly with kenyans to wait the other girls:amazing in my opnion the job done today by Linet Masai. Masai ha run tactically unbeatble and one medal for her it could have been a great thing.Very beatiful see her running near her training-mate elegant!!
For Vivian Cheruyot is the second medal won against Defar with the same tactic:all in last lap done at an incredible speed:in Berlin in 2009 Cheruyot won in same way in faster 58"62 last lap:
If i don't make a mistake...the same podium after two years!!fantastic!!!
I have interviewed Vivian this winter in her only italian race (HERE is it on my youtube-channel) and she seemed a very simply girl but also incredibly strong and sure of herself!
Her happiness comes also from her words today in mixed zone and it's very pleasant to hear her:
She speaks about an incredible year...yes that's true!!she won World cross country champs....she run 14'20"87 at the endy of July in Stockholm and now these two fantastic korean medals.By her words we discover her last race of the season will be Zurich 5k next week:(HERE the provvisionale startinglist of 5000m zurich 2011) will be the revenge of Daegu with everyone inside:an amazing cast...a very good time will come out,probably not the world record,in my opinion absolutely in Vivian's legs!!
But i am sure "Queen of Daegu" will be ready to be also "Queen of the year!