The weekend finished yesterday will be remembered as the fastest one for halfmarathon.Two important races on this distances had run all over the world.
In USA,Philadelphia,Kenyan Mathew Kisorio set the fastest time ever run in USA winning in 58'46" realizing also the fourth fastest ever.He beated Sammy Kitwara for only two seconds.
In women-race also the new best time on american soil realized by kiwi Kim Smith in 67'11.An incredible run of both to rewrite the season-lists and not only..
HERE the IAAF report about this race!!

Few hours gone and another great show is gone on theatre of road-running...this time in England in the biggest halfamarathon as GREATNORTHRUN with its 54000 starters.Martin Mathati set the new course-record with 58'56" becoming also one of the fastest men of history on this distance.

Women race still incredible also here..Lucy Kabuu surprise everyone and gone to win in 67'06"..the 5th ever time!!...
HERE the complete IAAF report of amazing race of NewCastle.

Please remember also Oporto HalfMarathon in Portugal where eritrean Tadese won in a "normal" 59'30"...

A big big improvement of athletes in this distance...athletes from 10000m are very fast....your opinion??