I was waiting for this day,waiting for an important race dominated from Asbel Kiprop,one of my preferred athletes nowdays.This guy has an incredible talent and it's very pleasant see him finally become a real champ and stop to make some bad mistakes as recently.
Tactically a slow race till 800m with kiwi Willis to lead the group in 60"02 at 400m and 2'01"71 (61"69) at 800m.After this moment Kenyans arrive in front of group keeping faster the run (55"30 third lap).In last lap,300m to run,first explosion with Silas Kiplagat to try very hard and Asbel Kiprop behind him.In my opinion Asbel has won the race at 1250m when able to not be closed by Kiplagat and go ahead of him starting his long long sprint of 200m very difficult to check Silas Kiplagat.Bronze medal to the young american Mathew Centrowitz:another guy who will be a star in next years.

Too much serious this guy and very professional:it's a great pleasure to hear him speak about his mistakes and to try to do his best after understood them..i appreciate it!!Sometimes it happened he lose himself in the middle of the race,losing important positions and than becoming difficult to close the gap.Today nothing like this:as he said on IAAF site,he staied all the race nearly the front so being ready to push in last lap.
For this guy,one of the few olympic and world champ in the history and managed by italian Federico Rosa now it's the time to think to Zurich DL next week but also to relax.The next goal is coming:London Olympics Games and i am sure he will become stronger than now to compete in better shape possible next year!Since for now,by words we can understand how much is focused on what he has to do in future!!..compliments again Asbel!!