In one of my recent post,i published the mediaguide of BerlinMarathon,something very interesting to read and able to let you know an important majors-marathon as better as possible..
But,on the web,i have read something very curious about BerlinMarathon top runners...
Nobody speaks about Pacemakers:one tweet this morning annouces they will be 26 pacemakers in men-race!!
Browsing around blogs,i also read there will not be any official pacemakers in women-race and the top will probably have their personal one.
Instead,in men-race will be different...four groups of pacing:World Record the first...2h07 the second...2h09'30 the third...and 2h12 the fourth!!
Many guys will try to reach olympics by this race so this organization will be fantastic for them!!

70 men with pb under 2h25 and 40 women with pb under 2h50..

Names you can do the preview by yourself reading the media-guide:Gebre against Makau in men and Radcliffe against Mikitenko in women the probably to duels!!!!
I personally saw Mikitenko training in august in Engadina,very concentrated since those days,Makau will run with 3 pacemakers of his group:unfortunately russian Yulmanova is out!!