Last big meeting before Daegu,last important test to check shape before going Korea.
Let’s have a look to the startinglists..

100M:A race for Jamaicans!!Asafa Powell against Blake and Carter the top!!Asafa over all  but to know if he will push to give a big message to Usain Bolt.

200M:Not so fast but curious to see Walter Dix and his shape.Don’t forget the young Panaman Alonso Edwards and jamaican Mario Forsythe.

400M:Withouf Jeremy Wariner out for an injury,will be an open race:maybe Gonzales ,seemed in good shape after Stockholm,but also Angelo Taylor could say something important!!For caribbean Kirani the first DL-race and could be a surprise.

800M:Sammy Tangui will pace around 50” at 400m and then..Rudisha-show!!..

MILE:US Bernard Lagat is my best for this race!!Kiwi Willis behid him and want to see kenian Choge not so good this year.

3000m:Mo Farah will be the winner...but the question is:Under 7’30?? my opinion yes!!Race well-built with right guys!!

110H:the revenge..Oliver-Richardson...who will win this time??Oliver after Stockholm seemed no worried:i believe in him.

400H:If Taylor will really doubts on the winner!!!Curious to the young english Woodward saw in Italy in his opening-season race

HIGH JUMP:it seems the same startlist as Stockholm...the russsians against Jesse Williams and the young Qatarian...don’t lose this race!!

LONG JUMP:nobody will miss this race...the top is inside...Watt,Saladino and Philips over the others!!

TRIPLE JUMP: A duel between english Idowu and cuban Copello...the english will do the best jumping in home!!

DISCUS:Virgilius Alekna and US. Kanter but difficult preview the winner

100M:What a race!!..still trust in Carmelita Jeter...but attention to the bulgarian Lalova.

200M:Difficult to see other names out of americans Shalonda Solomon and Bianca Knight...inside them the winners!!

400M:Sanya Richards but some trouble for her will come from english Ohuruogu recently in good shape.

800M:Hey girls...don’t meet again same mistake as in Stockholm without following jamaican Sinclair!!!She is still inside but i would like to see run the new kenyan Obiri.

1500M:First idea will be americans but english Hannah England could triumph...very strong this year!!

5000M:Without open race!and europeans can do their best...but some americans inside can change every plans.

3000st:a Kenyan-affair...Milka Chemos or Mercy Njoroge??

100H:Sally Pearson over the others...are you agree??

400H:Kaliese Spencer of Jamaica in good shape recently could be a big actor of this her the chance to win!!

POLE VAULT: without Isinbayeva my best still be Silke Spiegelburg.Hard to say other names

TRIPLE JUMP:Ukranian Saladukha in my opinion...but still miss italian LaMantia:one race againist others should be an interesting test!!

SHOT PUT: Who miss??Anybody!!..Ostapchuk for win and hoping the best for italian Rosa.

JAVELIN:Chech Spotakova the best...but pay attention to german Obergfoll!


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