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Today i have seen another incredible race:400m men final!!
Who can expect what really happened??The veteran US Lashawn Merritt against the youngest grenadian Kirani James only 18 years old.
Lanes were Merritt in fourth and Kirani James in it was easy to wait for Merritt checking the grenadian.
A good start for Merrit to suppose him in advance on the yougest till the half:after this it started the progression of Kirani James able to run shoulder to shoulder to the american and after 300m starting to recovering meters.It was superb to see the youngest taking meters by meters in last 50m against an american appeared a little bit tired,obviously after so long stop.
Shocking also the battle for the bronze:in my mind it was sure for Jermanie Gonzales but Borlee-twins were devasting and Kevin was able to close the Jamaican on the finish line and taking him the bronze.

Look at the photofinish:Kirani James was able to throw him better and before on the finish line..a little late Merritt in my opinion!!Also interesting to see Kevin Borlee ahead Gonzales...
I am surprised about reacting times...very slow for Merritt and so fast for Kirani:compliments again also to Merritt for the first half of the lap.
THE OFFICIAL RESULTS give us another news on the talent of this so young guy..He wins the title with his PB and second position in season-lists behind the 44"35 of Lashawn Merritt always in Daegu.
Kirani James,i read on IAAF blog,becomes the ninth athlete to win world youth,world junior and world senior title with the shortest gap between them...really amazing!!
Let's listen him in this interview taken from Flotrack:this is guy seems very very young and suprised about what he has done:

He spoke about his country so much:very curious to see him and the other strong grenadian Bartholomew in relay in next days(they run 3'04"69 at the end of April),they could be again the surprise!!What a big birthday-gift with this medal for Kirani James (On Thursday it will be his birthday).
But..who is Kirani James??let's try to know something more about this superb talent of new athletics everyday worldwide..Two years ago,at world youth in Bressanone (italy) he run 400m in 45"24...only 16 years old!!!...Unbelievable!!!!He wion everything in yout level!!
This year,as student in Alabama University in America,he run indoor and incredible 44"80 World junior record in Fayetteville(HERE you can see again that race) and in middle of April he run his fastest 200m in 20"41.
I am asking:where can this guy arrives??Under 44"?...Yes very soon and not surprised if already in the end of this season.
His coach,Harvey Glance, correctly says is too early to speak about World record: "He si only 18 and Michaek Johnson did it around 26-27".
Leave this guy calm and relax,and able to train more becoming stronger and many surprises in next years we are going to receive.,..a new star is born???