Kenyans were devasting and extraterrestrials by the dominance of women emerged the first day of competition at the World Daegu.On six medals available for the two finals on the program, all were for the girls of the highlands, which left nothing to the others.Neither and the Olympics had never witnessed such a demonstration of strenght.To note that the present Kenyan team in Korea has an average age of 25 years, this says a lot about how much can we expect from the future, starting with the Olympics London now just around the corner for many.
Technically analyzing the races, we see how the Kenyan marathon daughters of the new way of thinking about the marathon that has led Kenya to the highest level, even on the longest distance: Edna Kiplagat in the fourth marathon of his career is an illustration as well as Priscah Jeptoo Sharon Cherop in both new in the movement.The tactical acumen to stay "in the belly of the group" for over 30km, the course went on to be ready for decisive action to seal the fate of the race and have no problem against the equally shown not listed enemies.They had no suffer very very humid climate found in these areas: winning a world title with podium under the 2h30 'it is the most obvious example.Crucial role as they had told the coaches of these western girls but also to be applauded their federation, which wanted them all in a long training camp to hone the best condition in light of the main season.10000M WOMEN:
In our opinion a very good race and run by a Kenyan American tactical acumen incredibile.Le Rhines and Flanagan beginning to pull for the first 4km helped keep the pace even discreet in fear of leaks to avoid absurd, and above all seek to facilitateFlanagan for a possible attack, then to bronze.When after the 4km, Linet Masai came forward, we knew it was the signal for war against Ethiopia ... and the race was immediately passed to the rhythm of around 1'12 to immediately start making the selection and also causing some dubbing for a little troubled first! some impressive train of Masai for wearing out the result with the sudden withdrawal of Ethiopian Defar, who already seemed to be somewhere around the legs to strapponi Kenyans.There remained the Kenyan Melkamu to ruin the parade and had to wait until the last thousand when the Masai, while her companions were taking place and took turns leading the group, has "broken up" twice, then forcing her to lose those meters in the contemporary precious stretch of Vivian Cheruyot.Da report the performance of the Kenyan Sally Kipyego, stationed in the States and in Oregon this year rose powerfully to the fore internazionale.Per be championship race, this race was also true about the timing clear: the athletes are arriving in a few seconds from the world's best performance for Vivian Cheruyot the seasonal and personal best yesterday in Korea.