On IAAF site we found today the official STARTINGLISTS of Stockholm GL.
Why not give a look together and try to make a preview of what will happen??

BIG SHOT for men and's difficult for me make a preview but i try:Belorus Ostapchuk could do well in women instead in men i see a duel Armstrong,Cantwell e american duel!!!

TRIPLE JUMP WOMEN: i notice the absence of italian Simona LaMantia,i am very curious our champ against so many strong athletes.Difficult to say who can win!!

DISCUS MEN:no other solutions...Alekna against Malachowski

POLE VAULT WOMEN:Deutsch Silke Spiegelburg up than everyone,curious to see Isinbayeva if finally come back:she seemed very out in recent races.

400m MEN:the first big race!!what a cast!! we should see the return of Lashawn Meeritt;we should see if Jeremy Wariner finally in well shape (very far from it in last races).Angelo Taylor feels good after winning in Montecarlo on hurdles but will be interesting Borlee and the very young grenadian Bartholomew.

HIGH JUMP MEN: all the russians inside??...what a show!!Dmitrik can win but i will support Slinov and Ukhov.

LONG JUMP MEN:Saladino is my opinion nobody can beat him if he feels ok!!

800m WOMEN: Too many athletes of Russian-world and so difficult to make a correct preview:you never know how their condition..Cuban Santiusti (Italy-based) is in very good shape and attention to american Morgan Uceny one of the real surprise of this season.

JAVELIN MEN: one of the race most waited for in Stockholm..locals very in love with throws...Norvegian Thorkildsen??..yes in my opinion will be him the winner but never forget russian Makarov.

100m WOMEN: any doubt??..Carmelita Jeter!!

3000m steeples MEN: The revenge of Monaco for Paul Koech??it will be probably...Kenians Lagat and Mbugua will pace and then probably Koech against Mateelong.Pay attention on the new one Jairus Kipchoge   and also to Uganda-guys.

110h MEN: 13sec very intense...David Oliver or Dayron Robles???...difficult but i try:Oliver!!..recent races Robles not seemed at the top!!

1500m MEN : who's missing??..What a race!!A KK-duel (Silas Kiplagat-Asbel Kiprop).If Asbel in day on,and light not switch off will be difficult beat him,also for Kiplagat.Reading the other guys,the race should be paced very fast and important times could come from DN GALAN.

5000m WOMEN: Another incredible my opinion another fast race and probably the race for Vivian Cheruyot,many of her training-mates inside so probably they will help her to make an incredible time!!Very interested in this race,could rewrite the season-list!!!

200m MEN:It's not important to make a is sure!!!..He seems in very very good shape on half-lap!!!Interesting could be the race of young Ashmeade!!